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Achieve Reviews Speak for Themselves

Real people tell our story best. You can read below to see how excited our customers are about Achieve. They will be happy to share their experiences with you and give you a customer's perspective on how our Credit-by-Exam program worked for them.

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"The delivery of the virtual classes was great, and I could watch the virtual classes over again to make sure I really understood everything. I was able to pick and choose the most convenient approach - Live online or Live in-person. It allowed me to be in the driver’s seat on choosing my path. I am thrilled to share my experience."
Julian Moreno - New Jersey


"I am so happy to be at Achieve. Everyone there is dedicated to ensuring that I am successful. My instructors are awesome: they provide me with supplemental information, encouragement, and motivation. Thanks to them I will become an RN soon.”
Leslie Torres

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"My schedule seems to control me, rather than me controlling it. Going back to school has been out of the question for many years, and that is not about to change anytime soon. Don't misunderstand, I wanted a college degree, but there was simply no way on earth it was going to happen for me. That is what I thought until I heard about your program from several friends where I work. When I learned I could complete my education, while continuing to manage every aspect of my personal and professional life, I quickly and easily made the decision to earn my college degree. That was not only the easiest decision I have ever made, it was also one of the smartest. I only wish I had called you sooner. Thank you so much for being there when I really needed your help to further my career!"
Robin W.

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"I have taken both ATP local classes and virtual classes. I had positive experiences with both methods of teaching. As far as the virtual classes go, I was very surprised at the support the instructors provided. The ability to interact with the instructor was also a wonderful option for when there was a topic I didn't fully understand. The instructors I had made us participate and that was very helpful in keeping my attention and keeping me on task when the possibility to stray was there. Hope this is helpful."
Jaime D.

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"I have had one online class with Achieve. The class was fun and I learned a lot from the Instructor. She gave us practice test and helped in the understanding of the information for the test with Excelsior. I have had on line classes with a competitor which by the way are horrible classes. They give too much information and do not focus on what is actually on the test. I am very disappointed with a competitor's classes I took. I am happy with the extra help Achieve gives me to be able to take the Excelsior test with confidence. Also, the other competitor does not have live instructors so, if you are unsure of something you can not ask right there to help get the answer you need explained correctly.. I studied and took a test with XXX and half the information on the test was missing so I did not pass the test. Very unhappy. I think the information and support Achieve will give and is giving me will help me pass the test by Excelsior as I will be better prepared."

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"The instructor was very prompt and consistent with her feedback and always offered valuable insight toward the discussion topic. Thank you very much!"
Juanita S.

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"I learned everything I needed and passed the exam with an A."
Dominique M.

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"When I tried this on my own, I lacked the discipline I needed. But in your structured class I succeeded."
Matt B.

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"The combination of the discussion questions, forum posts, tests, and tutor feedback has been exactly what I needed. I am now well on my way toward obtaining my RN. THANK YOU"
Kelli V.

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"After I took the test and my passing grade came up on the screen, I was in shock and very emotional. Tears started to roll down my face."
Nancy B.

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"I took a virtual class and it was just like I was in a regular classroom except in my PJs! We received handouts and additional practice test and always had the opportunity to ask questions if needed! I'm signing up for another virtual class for my next class!"
Deborah P.

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