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What is credit by exam?

Credit by exam is an educational system supported by the U.S. Department of Education designed to help adults going back to school. Rather than attending semester-long college courses, this path allows you to test out of college courses and earn the same credits by passing a proficiency exam instead. These credits transfer to your college of choice, helping you save time while making real progress.

Move to more advanced college courses sooner

Traditional college introductory courses average 16 weeks to complete. But our online test prep courses prepare you to test out of your general education college courses via CLEP® exams. You can earn the same credits in less time by prepping for and passing one CLEP exam so you can get ahead faster.

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Course Comparison

How we compare

Traditional Course
Achieve Course
16 Weeks, Full Semester
5-10 Weeks
Full Application Required
No Application Process
Possible Waiting List
Start Immediately
2-3 Lessons/Week, Weekdays
1 Lesson/Week, Weekends
In Person, On Campus
Online, Instructor-Led
Projects, Papers, Homework
Prep to Pass 1 Exam
proficiency exam
Specific Hour, No Reschedule
Flexible Schedule Window
Usually 3 College Credits
3 Transferable Credits

Test prep with peers

Traditional learn-on-demand platforms typically only offer self-paced options. Enjoy a fully synchronous online learning experience with live instructors, so you can get the personalized support and guidance needed to stay motivated and on track.

Course availability days, nights, and weekends 

Courses meet once a week for 3-hour lessons

Receive expert teaching from live instructors 

Receive expert support from tutors and mentors 

Connect with a community of adult learners

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Path progress and course list

Pass exam for credits

Once you complete your Achieve online test prep course, you’ll be ready to pass your CLEP or DSST exam and earn college credit.

Find a local or online testing center

Schedule your proficiency exam

Pass your exam with confidence

Earn transferable college credits

Test prep course benefits

What you’ll love about Achieve

Condensed study content

With our credit by exam preparation you’ll learn exactly what you need to  pass your proficiency exam.

Reduced course workload

Eliminate extra work. Our test prep courses don’t have pop quizzes, term papers, homework, and group work.

Free study materials

Each online test prep course offers a single digital textbook and learning resources, provided at no extra cost.

Answers to your questions

Is Achieve Test Prep a school?

No. Achieve does not offer degrees or credits directly. But we support those pursuing their education with CLEP exam prep services that save time and stress. Our services fill in the educational gaps and support systems that traditional colleges do not offer. 

How are Achieve Test Prep courses different from traditional college courses?

 In a traditional college course, you’ll attend classes several times each week and complete a semester’s worth of assignments, quizzes, research projects, essays, term papers, etc. At the end of the course, you’ll take a final exam to prove that you’ve learned the material. 

When you take an online test prep course with Achieve, you study a small subset of focused material and prepare to test out of college courses by passing a credit by exam proficiency test. Our courses teach you what you need to pass your exam with confidence, putting you in the best possible position to pass on your first try. 

With Achieve, you’ll meet one time each week and attend 5-10 weekly sessions. Our online test prep courses are designed by curriculum experts who know what will be on the exams. This streamlines the learning experience, helping you focus on what’s important to move forward.

I’ve already passed some college courses. Can Achieve still help me?

Yes. We help adults at many stages in their education. If you’ve already passed some courses, we can research which classes remain and show you how to transfer credits.

Will my college accept these credits?

Before you start any online test prep course, an Achieve Dedicated Advisor will verify whether or not the credits will transfer to your school of choice. Our team stays up to date with credit by exam guidelines for colleges and universities across the United States so you can receive expert guidance.  
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