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General Questions

Is Achieve Test Prep a School ?

No. Achieve Test Prep does not offer degrees or credits directly. But we support those pursuing their education with college test prep services that save time and stress. Our online test prep services fill in the educational gaps and support systems that traditional colleges do not offer. 

How can Achieve help me?

Our goal is to minimize many of the challenges faced by working adults returning to school. We can help you get the support you need to fit education into your busy life. Through college planning, online test prep courses, tutoring services, and more, we provide extra guidance that helps make college less stressful. 

Is Achieve Test Prep legit?

Yes. Achieve Test Prep is a learn on demand platform and online test prep provider. Founded in 2008 to disrupt the higher education system, Achieve delivers practical, real-world learning solutions to common degree blockers in order to help busy adults make real progress toward their college degree while working. We offer time-saving credit by exam instruction, licensure and entrance exam prep, and on-demand tutoring. Learn more about Achieve

Is Achieve accredited?

No. Achieve Test Prep is not a school, and therefore is not an accredited institution. However, when you successfully pass your CLEP exam, you can receive college credit at an accredited college or university as you work toward your degree. Our program supports both regionally and nationally accredited schools, and all degrees earned will be awarded by accredited colleges and universities—not by Achieve.

How much does Achieve cost?

The first step to determine your investment is meeting with an Achieve Education Advisor who will create a custom plan based on your personal education history and goals. Your previous experiences will determine what specific education services you will need. Our goal is to make education possible for everyone who desires to achieve it, so we also offer exclusive discounts and flexible payment options to meet you where you are.

What if this live online learning isn’t working for me?

We make it our mission to help our customers succeed. If you need extra help or support at any time during your online test prep course, we can help. But if circumstances change and you’re not able to continue, we will support your decision. View our cancellation policy.

Earn College Credits

What is credit by exam?

Credit by exam is a method that allows students to earn credit for college courses. You study a small subset of focused material and prepare to pass what is equivalent to an end-of-course final exam, which will allow you to avoid taking an entire semester-long course. 

This process is sometimes referred to as testing out of college courses. It’s a method that has been used for decades and is widely accepted at more than 2,900 accredited colleges and universities nationwide. Learn more about earning credits.

How many courses can I test out of?

Achieve provides credit by exam preparation for 22 prerequisite subjects. Depending on which pre-reqs you need and how many credit by exam credits your accredited college will accept, you can potentially test out of up to two years of college courses.  

How are Achieve courses different from a traditional college course?

In a traditional college course, you’ll attend classes several times each week and complete a semester’s worth of assignments, quizzes, research projects, essays, term papers, etc. At the end of the course, you’ll take a final exam to prove that you’ve learned the material. 

When you take an online test prep course, you study a small subset of focused material and prepare to pass a credit by exam proficiency test. Our courses teach you what you need to pass your CLEP exam with confidence, putting you in the best possible position to pass on your first try. 

With Achieve Test Prep, you’ll meet one time each week and attend 4-10 weekly sessions. Our test prep courses are designed by curriculum experts who know what will be on the exams. This streamlines the learning experience, helping you focus on what’s important to move forward.

Are credit by exam credits the same as regular college credits?

Yes. When you earn credits using the credit by exam method, these credits are transferred to your accredited college and show up as “pass” or “complete” on your transcript. 

The only difference is how long it takes to earn the credits. Completing a traditional college course often takes 16 weeks, whereas our online test prep courses can be finished in as few as 5 weeks—accelerating your progress and shortening the time it takes to complete your education. 

Does my college accept credit by exam?

Credit by exam is currently accepted by more than 2,900 accredited colleges and universities in the United States. Each school has different requirements when it comes to transfer credits, so it’s important to verify the guidelines ahead of time. 

Check with your school to see what’s required for your chosen degree. Some colleges limit the number of transfer credits or test out of college course options while others do not. Achieve Test Prep can help you verify this information and find the right accredited college for you. 

Nursing Path

What is included in Achieve Nursing Bridge Program?

When it comes to Nursing Bridge Programs with Achieve Test Prep, you’ll get everything you need to confidently earn prerequisite and general education credit by exam that can be transferred into the nursing school of your choice, where you will finish your degree. 

Beyond that, you’ll also receive support throughout your entire education journey with TEAS Exam preparation, on-demand tutoring for core nursing courses, and NCLEX-RN Exam prep. We’ll be with you through every step. Learn more about our Nursing Program.

How is our program different from other RN or BSN programs?

Our online test prep services are designed to help working adults balance education with their personal and professional responsibilities. We offer ongoing support no matter where you are on your education journey. 

Achieve’s online test prep courses are taught synchronously, meaning all learners move through material at the same time. Many other programs are taught asynchronously which requires students to stay on task all on their own, whereas synchronous learning offers support from teachers and fellow students because everyone is in it together.

We want you to succeed, so we keep you accountable. Our Dedicated Advisors check in on your progress and offer solutions along the way. In addition, we offer one-on-one tutoring and college planning services to ensure you’re headed in the right direction. Learn more about tutoring and mentoring options.

Can Achieve help me find a job after nursing school?

Yes. While we cannot guarantee that you will find a job after graduation, we can do our best to prepare you to enter your job search and the workforce with confidence. We have a free Career Guidance Course to help you improve your resume writing, interview skills, and marketing of your personal brand.

I’m a current customer. Who do I contact with questions?

We are here to support you through every step of your education journey. You can contact your Dedicated Advisor at any time you need assistance. You can also reach customer support on live chat or submit a support ticket online 24/7—even on weekends. Visit Customer Support.

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