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Students Against Busywork


-- Said no one ever

Getting your degree has increasingly become about taking online courses, and oddly the teacher is gone but the costs have still gone up.

A college degree should be something everyone has a fair chance at obtaining if they are willing to attend college and work towards learning a professional field, even if they have a job and a life.

But somewhere along the way, earning a degree also became about taking a bunch of general education courses that overlap with education already received in high school, and to make matters worse those courses are overflowing with busy work - tons of reading assignments, research papers, quizzes, group projects, and essays.

You should know the subject matter of your major very well, but do you need to know that the most common isotope of Hydrogen is Protium? When is that going to help you in the real world?

So Achieve has started the Students Against Busywork movement, and we want you to help share it with the world. Let your friends and family know about it. You don’t need to bend to the college’s whim.

With Achieve you bypass those burdensome college general education courses by prepping with us to pass just one exam, and this leaves you plenty of time to focus on those courses in your major that matter. Now doesn’t that make a lot more sense?  

Worried testing out might be hard? Don’t be, our student success rate is 95%*.


Call us toll-free 888-900-8380 today and talk to one of our friendly counselors to learn which schools Achieve way can help you earn credits for or Click HERE for MORE Information

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