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Achieve Reviews Speak for Themselves

Real people tell our story best. You can read below to see how excited our students are about Achieve. Many are even willing to be references for future students. They will be happy to share their experiences with you and give you a customer's perspective on how our Credit-by-Exam RN Bridge program or BSN Bridge program worked for them. Just ask to set up a call with one when you talk to any of our friendly Educational Coaches at 888-900-8380.


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“I had applied for a position that would have been a step up. But not only did my supervisor tell me that since I didn’t have my RN I wouldn’t be considered, I was also hearing rumors of layoffs. That’s when I called. I'm very happy I completed my work with Achieve. It was the best career decision I could have made. With the help of Achieve I’ve finally fulfilled my dream, and I’m finally an RN."
Susan N., RN


“Achieve has a Free Online course to try things out. I took it and loved it! I needed condensed study material and guidance to help me and that’s what I found with Achieve. Easy to understand study material, virtual once a week classes in the comfort of my home, and live teachers and tutors to help you understand the material. I would be happy to speak with you about my experiences.”
Rut Arroyo - West New York, NJ


“I worked 30+ hours a week as an LPN and have two small children so I’ve found that this program, and the way it’s set up, was a blessing for me. The staff and teachers were so supportive. I wasted a lot of time with Excelsior (direct without Achieve’s help) and still had nothing to show for it. With Achieve, I passed every exam the first time-usually with an A or B. I’d be happy to discuss with you."
Maryann Hendricks, RN - Pennsylvania


“I transitioned from medic to RN mainly because I am getting older. I bridged paramedic to RN in just 18 months. The ATP instructors were excellent- both in classroom and virtual. I have and will continue to recommend this program to anyone who wants to bridge to RN. Reach out to talk to me."
Angie Frohoff, RN Missouri


The material Achieve provides was so good it allowed me to plan ahead and go at an accelerated pace. I completed my program in under a year and I passed each of my exams on the first try – no issues. The instructors were fantastic and very professional, always willing to help you and provide extra help along the way. They wanted to make sure you succeeded.”
Michael Lopez, RN, MHCA - Pennsylvania


“After 7 years of trying with College Network and Excelsior I was ready to give up until I heard about Achieve Test Prep and enrolled… Through Achieve, I not only was able to more quickly pass the tests, I actually learned practical knowledge that will help me become a better nurse. I would be happy to discuss with you."
Lisa Brown


I’m a 38 year old mother of two, I have several LPN part-time jobs and I’m homeschooling my youngest daughter. I started working directly with Excelsior but since I was basically left on my own I never finished a single course in 4 years. Since starting with Achieve I haven’t had one single regret."
Alison Johnson - North Carolina


“The delivery of the virtual classes was great, and I could watch the virtual classes over again to make sure I really understood everything. I was able to pick and choose the most convenient approach - Live online or Live in-person. It allowed me to be in the driver’s seat on choosing my path. I am thrilled to share my experience.”
Julian Moreno - New Jersey


"I started with The College Network back in 2004 or 2005, but doing the program was really frustrating. I paid a lot of money for it but it just didn’t work out....Achieve has so many more resources and structure.... I passed each of my exams on the first try and usually made an A or a B. I’d be happy to talk with you."
Danielle Heinemann - New Jersey


"I started out with The College Network and Excelsior 2 years ago. There was so much material to go through and when I did have questions, there was nobody who could really answer them. I never even finished the 1st course. With Achieve I completed my first class in less than 2 months, will finish another in a few months and will soon start studying for the CLEP. Achieve is the way to go!"
Shaunda Granger - Oklahoma


"Hello... I have been an LPN for 5 years working full time and wanted to earn my R.N. I tried going to a community college at night but found it very difficult to work and go to school. The teachers with ATP are very professional, thorough and want to see the students succeed! I have passed three of my exams! "
Patty Larocca


"Wow! I can’t believe that I am finally an RN! Achieve helped me achieve this goal! I was an LPN for a long time and needed to get my RN in order to advance at my job, but I needed classes to fit my schedule. I was able to do virtual classes or be in an actual classroom setting, whatever I needed to fit my schedule. I had a great time with the instructors and they helped make learning the material easier. I am currently working as a Health Center Manager and I have my own office!"
Karla Pope, RN - New Jersey


"I work full-time as a Clinical Manager and have taken several virtual classes through Achieve Test Prep. The teachers are awesome and provide you with everything that you need to succeed. I have passed all my tests and am very close to the end! If you are thinking about pursuing your RN or BSN I highly recommend their program. Achieve has made what I thought would only be a dream become a reality!!
Lori Ann Spiezio - Pennsylvania


"Achieve was the best for me as I could work at my pace and with hours that worked for me as a full-time LPN at the time. The teachers I had (Dina Frances and Soma), were absolutely amazing at what they do, loved what they do and want you to succeed, which gives you motivation, ambition and encouragement. I completed my clinicals and my life has changed for the better. Thank you Achieve Test prep!"
Heather Bath, RN


"I am so happy to be at Achieve Test Prep. Everyone there is dedicated to ensuring that I am successful. My instructors are awesome-- they provide me with supplemental information, encouragement and motivation. Thanks to them I will become an RN soon.”
Leslie Torres


"With Achieve Test Prep’s teaching, guidance and support, I was able to achieve my goal of becoming an RN! You can do it too. If you would like to speak with me about my experiences, please feel free to contact me."
Queen Duru, RN

Student Photo

"I am currently attending this program and I love it and would recommend it to anyone. I am almost done, taking my last class. The teachers are awesome; but, I truly adore the head teacher, Dina. She is awesome and helps students in every way she can. Your success is hers. The classes are fun, motivating, and just wonderful. You get so much info in such a short time and the teachers are so helpful. Kudos to Romy and, of course, Mark, the owner of the company for hiring such wonderful teachers. I am by no means getting paid to say this. I believe so much in this program that I want others to be just as successful as I have been, especially given how hard LPN's work."
Juan P., RN - Wayne, N

Student Photo

"When I decided to obtain my nursing degree, I researched all options available to me. Traditional colleges do not have the flexibility with scheduling, and the cost of tuition was just out of reach for me. I spent many hours gathering information on how best to put my skills and prior education to work for me. I learned that all programs are not the same. Following exhaustive research, I discovered that the program offered by Achieve Test Prep was far better than anything else I had found on the market. I found the course work to be very professionally written, and just what I needed to pass every course.... I am well on my way to achieving my goal of becoming an RN."
Kelly W.

Student Photo

"My schedule seems to control me, rather than me controlling it. Going back to school has been out of the question for many years, and that is not about to change anytime soon. Don't misunderstand, I wanted a college degree, but there was simply no way on earth it was going to happen for me. That is what I thought until I heard about your program from several friends where I work. When I learned I could complete my education, while continuing to manage every aspect of my personal and professional life, I quickly and easily made the decision to earn my college degree. That was not only the easiest decision I have ever made, it was also one of the smartest. I only wish I had called you sooner. Thank you so much for being there when I really needed your help to further my career!"
Robin W.

Student Photo

The best thing for me about Achieve Test Prep's virtual classes is it is like a traditional class that I can attend from the convenience of wherever I am at, home, car, vacation. Attending a traditional campus based program is out of the question due to it being necessary for me to work full time. With ATP's virtual classes, all I have to have is connection to the internet and just log in for class. I have an instructor to present the material and a convenient course book from ATP to study from. This enables me to attend class evenings or weekends and keep my full time job while I earn my degree. This is by far better than reading a study guide and trying to learn on my own.
Wendy D. LPN

Student Photo

I have been with Achieve Test Prep for about one year now and almost at the end of my mission with this program. This program has been wonderful for me because it is helping achieve a goal of mine which is to become a Registered Nurse. The teachers are wonderful they provide support and encouragement that we need to succeed in this program. They bring the best out of me and others going through this program they give us supplemental information to help and guide us to succeed . They are their for me 24/7 i can call wanting to cry or to ask a question regarding a matter and they are always available. Nursing is not easy but with Achieve Test prep I am succeeding and almost an RN. My teachers and director for this program are wonderful Dina,Heidi,and Romy are great. If you are thinking about finishing school do not hesitate any longer just join. If you need advice regarding what you should do first or what teacher i found the most helpful or even what has benefited me going through this program email me i can help you as a fellow student going through this program i do not gain anything from this only here to help and assist because i truly believe in this program.
Leslie T.

Student Photo

Hi. It was indeed a pleasure having attended the virtual orientation with you last night. It was very informative for me as a new student. It was simple, organized and easy to understand. That is why I didn't have any questions at all. I am very excited to keep going to become an RN. My first day with Mrs. Francis was very impressive and made me think why I didn't start with ATP right away last year of April when Anthony came over to our facility recruiting LPN's and 2 weeks later, unexpectedly, the owner herself laid me off because I'm an LPN, yes, an LPN who did MDS, Unit manager, training new RN's, push med carts when short of staff, ready anytime when State surveyors come to inspect our facility and ends the survey with flying colors under my management, an LPN. Then one day, you are told that this is your last day coz we don't hire LPN's anymore. I'm grateful of what happened coz I was already contented to be an LPN. I would recommend your program to all my LPN friends and encourage them strongly to continue become an RN and I will tell them myself not to even try any other programs but ATP. Thank you so much for this prompt email of welcome packet and most of all thank you for reading my story.
Charlotte M.

Student Photo

"I have taken both ATP local classes and virtual classes. I had positive experiences with both methods of teaching. As far as the virtual classes go, I was very surprised at the support the instructors provided. The ability to interact with the instructor was also a wonderful option for when there was a topic I didn't fully understand. The instructors I had made us participate and that was very helpful in keeping my attention and keeping me on task when the possibility to stray was there. Hope this is helpful."
Jaime D.

Student Photo

Just wanted to let you guys know I passed my first exam today! It was Anatomy and Physiology, Exam 506. I passed with an "A" If you need a testimonial, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Mark F.

Student Photo

I am currently attending this program and i so love and would recommend to anyone. I am almost done, and I am taking my last class. OMG the teachers are awesome all of them but ,who i truly adore is our head teacher Dina she is awesome she helps student in every way she can. your success is hers. The classes are fun motivating and just wonderful you get so much info in such a short time but the teachers are so helpful. Kudos to Romy and of course Mark the owner of the company for hiring such wonderful teachers this is a program that is truly their for u if you are contemplating believe me call me email me. i will tell you everything that helped me and then maybe you will make the best decision for you which is become an RN and allow this program help you. i am by no means getting paid to say this i believe in this program that much that i want others to be just as successful especially that i know how hard LPN's work.
Kelly M.

Student Photo

"I took a virtual class and it was just like I was in a regular classroom except in my PJs! We received handouts and additional practice test and always had the opportunity to ask questions if needed! I'm signing up for another virtual class for my next class!"
Deborah P.

Student Photo

“Realizing my dream of becoming an R.N. had been a herculean task since I needed to work full time and attend school at the same time. Achieve Test Prep’s affordable program, flexibility in scheduling, coupled with an experienced and seasoned faculty helped rekindle my hope. Now, I am on my way to successfully executing my ambition, thanks to Achieve Test Prep’s cutting edge style of education that accommodated ALL OF MY NEEDS!!”
Olusegun A.

Student Photo

“I had been enrolled with another test prep program and it didn’t work for me so I was nervous to try Achieve Test Prep. I decided to take a chance and I am so glad that I did. I just completed my first class and I passed my exam!"
Victoria O.

Student Photo

"I have had one online class with Achieve. The class was fun and I learned a lot from the Instructor. She gave us practice test and helped in the understanding of the information for the test with Excelsior. I have had on line classes with a competitor which by the way are horrible classes. They give too much information and do not focus on what is actually on the test. I am very disappointed with a competitor's classes I took. I am happy with the extra help Achieve gives me to be able to take the Excelsior test with confidence. Also, the other competitor does not have live instructors so, if you are unsure of something you can not ask right there to help get the answer you need explained correctly.. I studied and took a test with XXX and half the information on the test was missing so I did not pass the test. Very unhappy. I think the information and support Achieve will give and is giving me will help me pass the test by Excelsior as I will be better prepared."

Student Photo

"As a working wife and mother, I never thought getting my RN in a traditional college setting would be possible. Now, can hardly express how happy I am to have made the decision to join Achieve Test Prep to earn my RN. The teachers are fantastic and always available to help. The staff is great. I am finally achieving my dreams!"
Stacy S.

Student Photo

"I live in the rural area so virtual is my only choice. I love the virtual classes. You can actually interact with the teacher, just like a class room. I have seen the black board (XXX uses in their online classes) and I am skeptical about it. I have seen students send countless emails because it was difficult to get their point across. With the virtual class, it is instant and your questions are answered with the help of the teacher or the students, its a very involved process that promotes success. I have both DSL and a hotspot and both have been very reliable with ATP setup. If a person is working, have family, and live in a rural area, It would be extremely difficult without ATP, to succeed at the level of achievement necessary to obtain the RN degree."
Steven P.

Student Photo

"The instructor was very prompt and consistent with her feedback and always offered valuable insight toward the discussion topic. Thank you very much!"
Juanita S.

Student Photo

"I learned everything I needed and passed the exam with an A."
Dominique M.

Student Photo

"When I tried this on my own, I lacked the discipline I needed. But in your structured class I succeeded."
Matt B., RN

Student Photo

"The combination of the discussion questions, forum posts, tests, and tutor feedback has been exactly what I needed. I am now well on my way toward obtaining my RN. THANK YOU"
Kelli V.

Student Photo

"After I took the test and my passing grade came up on the screen, I was in shock and very emotional. Tears started to roll down my face."
Nancy B.

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