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Medical Assistant to RN Program


Achieve's Test-Out Program Can Save You Up to 50% in Tuition & Books, and Help You Become an RN About 9-12 Months FASTER Than a Traditional College!

In our Medical Assistant to RN Program or CMA to RN we can help you achieve an accelerated nursing degree by bypassing many of your prerequisite courses by testing out of them. Because this type of non-bridge nursing program cannot be completed fully through only online classes, attendance at a local college for the nursing courses will be necessary.

Medical Assistant to RN Program, MA to RN

Testing-Out Is Faster, Cheaper, and Easier than

Taking the College Courses

For example, you can test-out of some college courses with just 4 Achieve sessions:

Medical Assistant to RN, MA to RN, Testing-Out chart

Each semester of a college course = meeting several times a week for 15 weeks and completing assignments, research projects, quizzes, and term papers. And you need to buy those expensive books! For each test-prep class you meet only once per week (on campus or online) and are preparing to pass just one exam and the condensed books are FREE. The test-out exams are offered by organizations like CLEP®, DSST®, and UExcel® and are accepted in place of college courses by virtually all colleges and universities.

Finding The Best College For You

Here’s something you probably don’t know - some colleges are much more accommodating about what they will give you credit for, or let you test-out of, than others.  Achieve will help you find one that will accept the most transfer/test-out credits.

Past College Credit Analysis

With literally thousands of colleges to choose from, researching on your own is overwhelming, if not impossible. Some colleges even charge to evaluate past college credit and that adds up. Achieve handles all the research and finds the best option for every student. Even if you’ve already selected a college, we can still help you by-pass courses and save money and time at this college.

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