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The shortest distance
between enrollment
and graduation

Earn an RN or BSN faster than you
ever thought possible.*

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Enroll for success with live classes, personal coaches, and free books.

Introducing The Credit-by-Examination
Bridge Program

Our innovative program enables you to get full credit for college courses through
standardized exams. A pass, gets you the same credit from a college as if you passed
the exam at the college. And there are no semester long courses.

Earn Your ASN Or BSN Degree From An Accredited College

Earn your RN or BSN degree from an accredited college*

Once you pass the standardized tests and your clinical exam – you’ll be awarded your RN or BSN degree, from an accredited college.
Career opportunities for RN's and RN-BSN's are brighter than ever. Average salaries are $62,000-$90,000 respectively, and the nursing industry is forecasting solid employment growth through 2020.

--%-96% of Achieve students pass their exams**

Why do Achieve students enjoy a culture of success? Because they’re taught LIVE, by expert instructors who specialize in teaching students how to pass both the standardized exams and the clinical exams they need to graduate.

The streamlined way to earn your RN or BSN that’s taught LIVE by experts.

Our fast-track program combines the effectiveness of real classroom learning with the speed of credit-by-examination. Attend one of our many campuses. Or join our virtual classroom, you’ll be studying with the same great instructors – LIVE! And you’ll have personalized support every step of the way.

No Long-Term Contracts Required

With us, you study at your own pace, taking as many or as few courses as you like. And just in case it’s not working out, we have a refund policy.

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Financing your bsn or rn program


Maryann Hendricks - Achieve Test Prep student

Maryann Hendricks, RN

"I worked 30 + hours a week as an LPN and have two small children, so I’ve found that this program, and the way it’s set up, was a blessing for me! The staff and teachers were so supportive. With Achieve, I passed every exam the first time. I’d be happy to discuss with you."

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  • One free, thin condensed book per class.
  • Earn your RN or BSN in as little as 12-18 months without taking expensive college courses.
  • No waiting, classes start in as little as one week.
  • Attend local classes or live online classes at your convenience.
  • Classes meet just once a week.
  • NO quizzes, research projects, term papers, or group projects.
  • Receive credit for past classes and work experience.
  • Guaranteed student loans available for all programs.
  • Financial Aid is available for some programs.

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