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Frequently Asked Questions About Our credit-by-exam BSN & RN Bridge Programs

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Q: How is your program different from other BSN or RN bridge programs?Top


A: Some people find that the self-study, online components of many test prep RN and BSN bridge don’t work very well for them. Achieve Test Prep’s program really is very different because we want you to succeed. The following are our distinct advantages:  

  1. Both our site-based and our virtual classes are taught live with qualified instructors. 

  2. Our pass rate is over --%, but in the unlikely event that you fail an exam, we have ACHIEVE 911, our unique test remediation program that ensures your success and costs nothing. If you ever fail an exam, we will provide individualized attention and additional resources until you pass.

  3. Through the Achieve Exam Fee Guarantee, if you fail an exam two times within 6-months of completing any course, we will reimburse the cost of your exam fee.

  4. The Achieve Withdrawal Policy, was developed, because we understand life changes quickly.


Q: Can you provide a reference from a past or current student?Top


A: Absolutely! We'll be happy to provide you with a student reference after you meet with one of our educational coaches. Please see our testimonials page for pictures of graduates and students that are willing to speak with you.


Q: Is the Achieve Test Prep program accredited?Top


A: If you're successful with our program, you will receive a degree from an accredited college. That's important, because you need an accredited degree in order to achieve your RN or BSN. Achieve Test Prep is a tutoring organization, not a college or a school.


Q: Does your program work with Excelsior College?Top


A: Achieve’s program will allow you to attend a variety of well-known colleges and universities, who issue the appropriate credentials, according to their transfer credit policies. While Excelsior is one of these colleges, it is not the only college as there are many other great colleges to choose from.


Q: How much does your program cost?Top


A: We're the most cost-effective program, but the costs vary. One reason is that you can get credit for courses that you already took. Your cost could be as little as a few thousand dollars or as much as $15,000. It depends on how many classes you have to take.


Q: Do you have financial aid?Top


A: Yes, we have financial aid. When you come in for an appointment, we can evaluate what financial aid you qualify for.


Q: Do I have to pay for everything upfront or can I pay as I go?Top


A: You may pay as you go, but a small deposit is required when you enroll.


Q: Do you have a withdrawal policy?Top


A: Yes, we have a withdrawal policy, but very few of our students apply for a refund. However, if you're not satisfied for some reason, we will be happy to provide a refund based on our withdrawal policy. 

Q: How do you handle the clinical portion of the training for the LPN to RN bridge program?Top

A: Some of the colleges that work with our program give full credit for the clinical portion of the program to LPNs and therefore no additional clinical courses necessary.


Q: When does class start?Top


A: Our students typically start one to two weeks after enrollment. We're not restricted by standard semesters. We run our courses all year long. So you can start anytime!


Q: When do you hold classes and how long are they?Top


A: Each class runs once a week and meets for 4 hours. We run day, night, and Saturday classes.


Q: How do you handle the clinical portion of the training for the RN to BSN bridge program?Top


A: Many of the colleges we work with give full credit for the clinical portion of the program to RNs and therefore no additional clinical is necessary. However, some colleges will require some clinical work, which would be performed at one of the many hospitals or other medical facilities in our network.


Q: Do you offer a referral program?Top


A: Yes, we have a very active referral program that our current students use to refer their friends. When a friend they refer enrolls, we express our thanks with $50-100 financial gift.


Q: Do you offer a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program?Top


A: Sorry, not at this time.

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