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Customer Academic Support

At Achieve we support you every step of the way. Unlike the other self-paced online programs you may have looked into that leave you to sink or swim on your own, our program is unique in the industry.

Our online classes are taught LIVE by quality instructors, allowing you to interact with teachers and other students, all from the comfort of home. If you ever miss a class, you can access a recording of the session and your instructors are available to answer your questions.

For most people, Achieve's virtual classes are the right blend of flexibility and accountability. You get the benefits of the flexibility of learning from home, but you also get the interaction with live teachers and other customers. Because you are attending scheduled classes at set times, the completion rate is much higher than being left totally on your own.

I took a virtual class and it was just like I was in a regular classroom except in my PJs! We received handouts and additional practice test and always had the opportunity to ask questions if needed! I'm signing up for another virtual class for my next class!

– Deborah T.

Tutoring and Assistance

About --%* of our customers pass their exams. That is a pretty large percentage, but what if you fall into the 6% that don’t? Don’t fear we have you covered.

If you don’t pass, our special program called Achieve 911 comes to the rescue. And there is no extra charge for this service.

Our specially trained Education Coach will contact you and develop a personalized study plan just for you, designed to get you back on track to pass the exam on the next try.

The 911 program offers:

  • One-on-one tutoring

  • A short refresher course

  • Or a complete class retake


The instructors were fantastic and very professional, always willing to help you and provide extra help along the way. They wanted to make sure you succeeded.

– Michel Lopez

Customer Portal

Finally, if there is any other area of support or assistance that you need, you can reach customer support on live chat or submit a support request ticket online 24/7 even on weekends!

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