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Criminal Justice Degrees Faster via Test-Out



Getting your Criminal Justice degree is going to make all the difference in the world, but there’s lots of unnecessary obstacles. Our test-out short cut solves this problem and will work with your current college, or alternatively, Achieve can locate the college with the absolute most efficient path for your specific situation. So it's all about less hassle, saving money, and getting that business degree sooner, and Achieve will show you exactly how to do that. 

Criminal Justice Degrees through Credit-by-Exam

  • Associates in Criminal Justice
  • Bachelors in Criminal Justice
  • Associates in Paralegal
  • Bachelors in Paralegal
  • Associates in Homeland Security
  • Bachelors in Homeland Security
  • Associates in Court Reporting
  • Bachelors in Court Reporting 

What Is A Credit-By-Examination Bridge Program?

Credit-by-Examination lets you 'test out' of prerequisite (aka general education) college courses instead of 'taking' college courses. For example, instead of taking a boring semester long course with all the busy work... you could get full credit for the same course by attending as few as 4 test prep classes and taking ONE exam.

Our Credit-by-Examination Bridge program is a test prep curriculum for college students interested in fast-tracking their general education courses so they can get to the core classes for their major faster. The Test-Out program allows students to achieve their Associate Degree or Bachelor Degree in less time and for less money.

Why Should You Enroll With Achieve Test Prep?

Achieve Test Prep’s distinct Credit-by-Examination Bridge program makes achieving your degree fast and affordable. Our innovative fast-track program combines the effectiveness of real classroom learning with the speed of credit-by-examination. Achieve Test Prep is not a boring online self-study program. All of our classes are led LIVE by real instructors. Choose classes around your schedule with both on-site and online options available. We support you every step of the way and boast a student success rate of --%! Our program is designed to ensure your success!

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