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How Credit-by-Examination Works when Bridging to RN or BSN

  • Credit-by-Examination allows a student to get full college credit through standardized exams which saves students both time & money

We Have a Complete Process Dedicated to Your Success
After taking one of our test prep classes to learn the content of a specific college subject, you take the corresponding exam. When you pass the exam, you earn the college credits for that class –just as you would if you had attended the class for an entire semester and paid full college tuition for it.

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Step One: Evaluation
As part of the evaluation, we take a look at any previous college classes you've taken and determine which ones you get credit for. Even if you took the course a long time ago, don’t worry as many courses transfer regardless of how long ago they were taken.

Step Two: Enroll
Now it's time for you to enroll in a test-prep class for each course you still need to complete for the requirements to earn an Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) or Bachelor of Science of Nursing (BSN) from the college of your choice.

Virtual Online Class Option (see video)
How Credit-by-Examination Works When Bridging to RN or BSN
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Step Three: Take the class or classes
Each class meets just once a week for three hours and lasts from four to ten weeks. The class schedule provides flexibility, so you can attend at a time that works with your schedule. Classes are offered at our many training centers during the day, evening, or on weekends or virtually over the internet. 

Accelerated option: Many students accelerate their way to a degree by taking two classes per week.

Step Four: Take the test
After completing each test prep course, you take the official test-out exam through the appropriate testing center. After passing the exam, you'll earn college credits for the course on which the exam is based. Some exams are administered by a college and will require that you register first. Students who take advantage of all Achieve Test Prep has to offer have a high success rate at passing exams. In fact, their average success rate is over --%*.

On a rare occasion, a student is not successful passing the exam on the first try. Then it's ACHIEVE 911 to the rescue! It's our unique program that provides you with a personalized study plan developed by the Director of Education to ensure your future success. There's no extra charge for it. Only the Achieve Way offers you this level of individualized attention and support. As a result, no student at Achieve Test Prep is left behind.

Step Five: Your clinical exam or clinical externship
Once you complete all the required classes, depending on degree you will either take our test-prep class for the clinical assessment or complete a clinical externship. In the clinical assessment test-prep class we teach you all of the clinical skills you'll be tested on and drill you on them over and over.

We do our best to simulate the final testing environment to make sure you'll be confident and comfortable in it, and once you complete the clinical requirement, you'll earn your nursing degree from an accredited college. All that's left is for you to get your state license.

Step Six: The state NCLEX® exam
Now it's time to prepare for the state NCLEX® exam. You can count on Achieve to prepare you to pass this exam, too. After passing the NCLEX®, you're a licensed Registered Nurse! Congratulations!

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