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Is Achieve Test Prep Accredited?

Achieve Test Prep is not accredited, meaning we cannot offer degrees directly. Instead, our test prep services are designed to help busy healthcare professionals with additional educational support as they pursue their RN degree goals. What does accreditation mean and what schools are affiliated wit...

Why Synchronous Learning is Better for Online Classes

Online classes can be taught via two different methods: synchronously or asynchronously. What is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous learning, and how do students learn best? While there are benefits to both approaches, synchronous learning offers many advantages for online learners....

How to Go to College as a Parent

Starting college as a parent is a much different experience from those without children. Learning how to balance college, work, and family can be a challenge but there are ways to successfully manage all your responsibilities. Check out our top tips for parents returning to school. What challenges d...

What is a Test Prep Course?

Are you getting ready to take a college-level exam but worry about the outcome? Students looking to pass CLEP exams, admissions tests, or licensure exams can benefit from taking a test prep course: a class focused on helping you receive the best possible score. Are test prep courses worth it and sho...

Can You Test Out of College Courses?

You can test out of college courses and get credit through a system called credit by exam, which allows students to earn the same credits by taking one proficiency test instead of an entire semester-long course. Not sure what counts as college credit or the difference between AP and credit by exam? ...

Keeping the Kids busy while you attend your online prep course

A Class session is 3 hours long -- that is a long time to focus your attention away from the kids so important reminders include:

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