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Is Achieve Test Prep Accredited?

Achieve Test Prep is not accredited, meaning we cannot offer degrees directly. Instead, our test prep services are designed to help busy healthcare professionals with additional educational support as they pursue their RN degree goals. What does accreditation mean and what schools are affiliated wit...

What is an Accelerated Degree Program?

An accelerated degree program is designed to move students through college curriculum at a faster pace. While there are differences between accelerated programs, most provide flexible options for those who wish to avoid the traditional four-year college structure. Can you fast track a degree, and ar...

What is a Test Prep Course?

Are you getting ready to take a college-level exam but worry about the outcome? Students looking to pass CLEP exams, admissions tests, or licensure exams can benefit from taking a test prep course: a class focused on helping you receive the best possible score. Are test prep courses worth it and sho...

Can You Test Out of College Courses?

You can test out of college courses and get credit through a system called credit by exam, which allows students to earn the same credits by taking one proficiency test instead of an entire semester-long course. Not sure what counts as college credit or the difference between AP and credit by exam? ...

How Do CLEP Exams Work?

CLEP exams allow students to earn college credits at an accelerated rate by testing out of general education courses. With one proficiency exam, students can demonstrate topic comprehension and skip taking the course altogether. Learn what CLEP tests are available, who accepts CLEP exams, and how to...

What is Credit by Examination?

Credit by examination enables students to earn college credit by taking a proficiency exam, rather than an entire semester-long course. This method often helps students finish college faster, which is one of the main benefits of credit by exam. Learn more about how it works and whether this option i...

5 Reasons Why a Fast Track Program Might Be Right for You

Studies show that it is more important than ever to get your degree, and those who don’t risk falling further and further behind. A fast track degree program can help many achieve the goal of a degree and stay ahead in the game. Is a fast track program right for you? Let's break down your options an...

Teaching Your Calling? Helping With An Accelerated Education Degree Is Ours

Most teachers don’t go into the education profession for the money. The national average starting salary for teachers is in the mid-$30,000 range – while the average starting salary for all college graduates combined is over $50,000. Yet, the traditional degree in education at even a moderately pric...

College Credit by Examination: Your FAQs Answered

The rising cost of education, family and work obligations, and the drudgery of taking classes covering material already known. These are reasons college credit by examination has become so popular. Yet, many students are confused about credit-by-exam. Who can take the tests? How are credits applied?...

5 Facts to Explain Why You Should Test Out of College

Testing out of college classes, particularly with required core courses where you might already know much of the information, makes sense for a number of reasons. Let’s look at five facts related to testing out of college, and use college algebra as a common example to put the facts in context.

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