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Teaching Your Calling? Helping With An Accelerated Education Degree Is Ours

Most teachers don’t go into the education profession for the money. The national average starting salary for teachers is in the mid-$30,000 range – while the average starting salary for all college graduates combined is over $50,000. Yet, the traditional degree in education at even a moderately pric...

10 Facts about College Success and College Completion Cost

A study revealed the startling fact that 70% of Americans will attend college, but fewer than 2/3 will graduate - 30% will drop out in the first year. The Chronicle for Higher Education put together research that may help you improve your chance for college success. In this article we will look at s...

3 Ways to Find the Most Affordable Colleges for You

Sixty-two million six hundred thousand. That’s how many entries you find when you Google search “most affordable colleges." Many of the listings are PR pieces for various colleges, or lists put together without any real knowledge about the true costs of a college education. There are better ways tha...

The Key to Finding Affordable Online Colleges

What is the number one factor you should consider when trying to identify affordable online colleges? Tuition costs? Financial aid opportunities? No, it’s transfer credit policies. These policies determine how many and what type of outside credits you can bring into your degree program. So, how do y...

America’s Changing Perspective on Affording College

How to afford college is the number one factor for most would-be applicants in deciding whether to even attend college. Earlier this year a survey was released that found students were more likely to apply to a particular college if they knew they could get enough financial aid to cover the cost. In...

How to Pay for College No Matter Who You Are

College costs are going up every year. You might wonder how you will be able to pay for college. Fortunately there are ways to help pay for your degree. They include scholarships, grants, and tuition forgiveness for in-demand majors, federal aid, private scholarships, employer-paid college assistanc...

Why Affording College Should Be the Least of Your Concerns

Are you questioning whether you can afford college? Does the student loan debt average of over $30,000 cause you concern? Figures from a recent Pew Research Center survey indicate that affording college should be the least of your worries. This, and studies like it, show that you cannot afford NOT t...

Accelerated Degree Programs: How to Avoid Overpaying for College

What Are You Paying for When You Go to College? If you take all the required courses in a typical bachelor’s degree program, you aren’t just paying for the material you learn. You aren’t even paying for the books (those cost extra). Here’s what you are paying for:

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