Is Achieve regionally accredited?

What does accreditation mean and what schools are affiliated with Achieve Test Prep? Learn how Achieve can help fill in the gaps with supportive test prep services.

December 2023
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Achieve Test Prep is not accredited, meaning we cannot offer degrees directly. Instead, our test prep services are designed to help busy healthcare professionals with additional educational support as they pursue their RN degree goals. What does accreditation mean and what schools are affiliated with Achieve Test Prep? Learn how Achieve can help fill in the gaps with supportive test prep services.

What does accreditation mean?

Accreditation is the process of meeting set standards in order to conduct desired results. In terms of education, accreditation means upholding regulations to ensure students receive quality instruction related to their chosen field. 

Only accredited schools can grant degrees. To earn accreditation, an institution must pass evaluations conducted by third-party educational agencies that prove the school is up to par.

There are two types of accreditation: 

  • National accreditation: National accreditation is usually applied to trade or vocational schools.
  • Regional accreditation: Regional accreditors must pass more rigorous standards, and because of this, their credits are often more widely transferable between colleges.

Accreditation is extremely important. Without it, the institution will not be able to provide students with the credentials they need for future employment. 

It’s crucial to research accreditation when choosing a school. Especially with online education, there are many programs that make false claims. Make sure to fully investigate any program you’re interested in, checking their accreditation, reading online reviews, and asking within your community.

Is Achieve Test Prep accredited in my state?

No, Achieve Test Prep is not accredited in any state. While our services are available across the country, we are not authorized to offer degrees or credits directly. 

Achieve is not a school; we are a test prep company that helps adults utilize the credit by exam system. We specialize in helping CNAs, LPNs, and other healthcare professionals test out of college courses so they can move forward with confidence. 

Pursuing an RN degree is not easy, especially for working adults. We understand the unique challenges nurses face and have developed resources to meet those complications head on with:

  • Test prep courses than can be completed in 5-10 weeks
  • Online, synchronous instruction that allows you to learn from home
  • Condensed eBooks that teach you exactly what you need to know

Achieve helps you earn the nursing prerequisite credits you need to get into nursing school. This, in addition to passing the TEAS entrance exam, is the first step towards earning an RN degree and can be done without visiting your local campus. 

After completing all your necessary prerequisites, you’ll be able to transfer those credits to the accredited nursing school of your choice and begin your core RN education.

What schools are affiliated with Achieve Test Prep?

Achieve Test Prep is not directly affiliated with any schools. This benefits our customers because they receive objective guidance based on their goals and needs, not ours.

The Achieve Advisor team consistently researches nursing programs across the country to stay up to date on differences in curriculum, schedules, tuition rates, and more. This allows us to make informed recommendations for Achieve customers who are unsure which nursing school will be right for them. 

When you start with Achieve, we’ll create a customized RN Bridge Plan that maps out your entire nursing education journey, including which prerequisites you need and which nursing school best meets your goals, budget, and timeline. 

Rather than conducting all this research on your own, we put it all together in one convenient document so you can clearly visualize your beginning, middle, and end.

Achieve will create customized RN Bridge Plan to map your entire nursing education journey

Get nursing school support with Achieve

Achieve is not an accredited school, but we can help you get through nursing school with confidence. We break down educational barriers that hold busy CNAs and LPNs back; no matter where you are on your RN journey, we can help you make real, manageable progress. Get all your questions answered by connecting with an Advisor today.

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