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Introduction to Fundamentals of Nursing

Attend a FREE Virtual Online Nursing Class

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At Achieve Test Prep, we are all about providing an accelerated path to your BSN or RN license. There is no faster, less expensive, and more convenient way than the Achieve way to obtain your educational goals, and we do it all with LIVE classes with real teachers.

You're invited to take a FREE virtual online nursing class: "Introduction to Fundamentals of Nursing" with a live instructor, so you can experience firsthand just how much better they are than a typical 'online class', where you'll get to experience how the virtual classes function as well as learn real content such as Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, a Care plan, experience our biodigital human, or discuss different forms of angina.

Ways ATP's Virtual Online Nursing Classes are Better than Traditional Online Classes:

  1. Classes are LIVE with live teachers.
  2. Live interaction with teachers and other students.
  3. Classes are taught once per week at scheduled times.
  4. Classes are recorded so if you miss a session you can watch the recording.
  5. No waiting list to get started, classes start in as little as 1 week.
  6. Classes are taught days, nights even weekends.
  7. No quizzes, term papers or college busy work.

The Free Virtual 'Introduction to Fundamentals of Nursing Class' is Scheduled at Various Days and Times to Accommodate Your Schedule (including Sundays).

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Here are Some Comments from Some of Our Students:

"I have taken both ATP local classes and virtual classes. I had positive experiences with both methods of teaching. As far as the virtual classes go, I was very surprised at the support the instructors provided. The ability to interact with the instructor was also a wonderful option for when there was a topic I didn't fully understand. The instructors I had made us participate and that was very helpful in keeping my attention and keeping me on task when the possibility to stray was there. Hope this is helpful."

Jaime D.

"I took a free virtual nursing class and it was just like I was in a regular classroom except in my PJs! We received handouts and additional practice test and always had the opportunity to ask questions  if needed! I'm signing up for another virtual class for my next class!".


"I have had one online class with Achieve. The class was fun and I learned a lot from the Instructor. She gave us practice test and helped in the understanding of the information for the test with Excelsior. I have had on line classes with a competitor which by the way are horrible classes. They give too much information and do not focus on what is actually on the test. I am very disappointed with a competitor's classes I took.  I am happy with the extra help Achieve gives me to be able to take the Excelsior test with confidence. Also, the other competitor does not have live instructors so, if you are unsure of something you can not ask right there to help get the answer you need explained correctly. I studied and took a test with one of our your competitors and half the information on the test was missing so I did not pass the test. Very unhappy. I think the information and support Achieve will give and is giving me will help me pass the test by Excelsior as I will be better prepared".


I have taken A&P and Microbiology virtual classes with ATP last year. The experience was great and well suited, especially for working students. In my case, the once a week 4 hour- virtual class  fit right into my schedule. Virtual classes offer a hassle free and convenient way of study, done in the comfort and safety of your home.

Jose V.

"I live in the rural area so virtual is my only choice. I love the virtual classes. You can actually interact with the teacher, just like a class room. I have seen the black board one of your competitors uses in their online classes) and I am skeptical about it. I have seen students send countless emails because it was difficult to get their point across. With the virtual class, it is instant and your questions are answered with the help of the teacher or the students, its a very involved process that promotes success. I have both DSL and a hotspot and both have been very reliable with ATP setup. If a person is working, have family, and live in a rural area, It would be extremely difficult without ATP, to succeed at the level of achievement necessary to obtain the RN degree".

Steven P.

Now it's time to discover for yourself if our online nursing program fits your style of learning. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Just Fill Out the Form and One of Our Educational Coaches Will Call You to Schedule Your Free Class.

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Achieve Test Prep offers credit-by-examination prep programs that usually shorten the path to a degree; however, Achieve is not a college and does not issue college credit.