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Achieve Test Prep Wins a Spot among Top 100 Telecommute-Friendly Companies

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Wayne, NJ (PRWEB) February 21, 2017

Achieve Test Prep Wins a Spot among Top 100 Telecommute-Friendly Companies


Wayne, NJ—February 21, 2017—Achieve Test Prep, a leading provider of standardized test preparation courses, was recently honored by FlexJobs, an online job board that specializes in flexible schedule and work-from-home positions. The list was compiled based on an analysis of job postings from over 30,000 companies, between January and December of 2016. This marks the third year in a row that Achieve Test Prep was recognized.

Remote work options are an important part of our company culture because they parallel the kind of opportunities we want to create for college students,” explains Mark Olynyk, CEO of Achieve Test Prep. “Modern technology means we’re no longer limited by the logistics of travel or physical workspace. In the same way that students don’t need ivy-covered academic buildings or lecture halls in order to learn, we believe smart and engaged employees needn’t report to an office park, in order to contribute great things. And in fact, we believe both groups—students and employees—can benefit tremendously when those formalities and their requisite costs are removed.

Achieve Test Prep is an organization dedicated to creating faster, more affordable paths to college completion. ATP prepares students to pass a variety of standardized exams (CLEP, DSST, UExcel), which are now widely accepted by all types of colleges and universities. Achieve Test Prep also helps students leverage previous coursework and professional training, then apply these credits in order to bypass expensive, semester-length courses—particularly general education courses. It’s a model that can save students thousands, regardless of their chosen institution. Achieve Test Prep even delivers savings to students who are already enrolled at their college of choice.

“Our students are laser-focused on their career goals,” adds Olynyk. “They’re eager to learn the material that will inform their professional work, but understandably leery about wasting huge sums of money and time on busy work components—term papers, group projects, discussion board posts that are often required several times per week. These are hoops that students shouldn’t have to jump through. If they can prove their mastery of College Algebra, or Spanish, or Psychology 101 via a single exam, versus four months of classes, costing thousands each, we think they should have that opportunity.”

The strength of Achieve Test Prep’s message and the value in its offerings has helped the company grow rapidly. Now based in 36 states, and providing online test prep courses as well, the company says it’s proud to assist so many students, as they work toward accelerated college degrees. Being able to scout and hire exceptional employees—regardless of geography—is helping them keep pace with America’s demand for tuition-saving options.  

“When you look at the names of the other companies on this list, it’s a very impressive group to be part of,” says Olynyk, reflecting on the FlexJobs’ distinction. “As more students explore how credit by examination works, or begin to think about ‘testing out’ of non-essential courses, this is one more reason why our team stands out as the best partner in that process.”

About Achieve Test Prep

Achieve Test Prep is committed to providing faster, more cost-effective paths to college completion. By preparing students for standardized exams in a matter of weeks versus months, Achieve Test Prep helps them bypass the added cost, class time, and busy work of a traditional college program. Achieve Test Prep’s classes are uniquely effective in that they are taught by live instructors—either onsite or online—so students always have access to real-time interaction. Classes are available during days, nights, and weekends to provide students with the most convenient scheduling options.

Achieve Test Prep is not an institution of higher education; it simply facilitates the transfer credit process between students and hundreds of well-known colleges and universities. Achieve Test Prep maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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