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The Smarter, Faster, Affordable Way to Earn a College Degree

The Credit-By-Examination Fast Track Program

A college degree puts you on a brighter career path. But wasting tuition dollars on unnecessary courses that have nothing to do with your major or on pre-reqs that you don't need is not a smart way to go about it.

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How It Works


01 Evaluate

We’ll help you get maximum credit for your past courses or work experience and create a custom plan to finish your degree.


02 Test Prep

Our short and easy live, teacher-led online classes will prepare you to test-out of your selected classes.


03 Take Exam - Earn Credits

Take the exam at one of 1,900 testing centers. Arrive with confidence knowing Achieve students have a 93%* pass rate.

Testing-Out is Always More Efficient than Taking the Course

A semester-long class means meeting several times a week for 15 weeks, completing time-consuming assignments, research projects, quizzes, and term papers. In addition to this drain on your time, you spend money on tuition and expensive books.

Achieve's test-out classes meet just once a week. Our included eBooks are efficient, condensed versions of just what you need to know to pass the exam. Instead of 15 weeks most of our courses are 4 to 6 weeks long.

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Virtual Online Classes

Achieve offers online classes that are led by live teachers at convenient times. Our classes are taught by highly qualified instructors.  If you're looking for a virtual classroom environment with the speed and savings of credit by examination, Achieve is your solution.

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Why Enroll with Achieve?

Achieve’s distinct Credit-by-Examination program makes achieving your degree fast and affordable. Our innovative fast-track program combines the effectiveness of real classroom learning with the speed of credit-by-examination. Achieve is not a boring and isolating online self-study program.

All of our classes are led LIVE by real instructors. Choose classes around your schedule with both on-site and online options available. We support you every step of the way and boast a student success rate of about --%*.

Our program is designed to ensure your success!

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"With Achieve's teaching, guidance and support, I was able to achieve my goal of becoming an RN! You can do it too. If you would like to speak with me about my experiences, please feel free to contact me."
Queen Duru, RN

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"The delivery of the virtual classes was great, and I could watch the virtual classes over again to make sure I really understood everything. I was able to pick and choose the most convenient approach: Live-online or Live-in-person. It allowed me to be in the driver’s seat on choosing my path. I am thrilled to share my experience."
Julian Moreno - New Jersey


"I transitioned from medic to RN mainly because I am getting older. I bridged Paramedic to RN in just 18 months. The Achieve's instructors were excellent, both in classroom and virtual. I have and will continue to recommend this program to anyone who wants to bridge to RN. Reach out to talk to me."
Angie Frohoff, RN

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