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How Do I Balance Fulltime Work and Nursing School

There's no way to get around it; nursing school is demanding. There are exams, clinicals, labs, and lectures that make up an often grueling school schedule. Add that to the study sessions, inflexible classes, and extra assignments. It can be difficult managing a full-time job while pursuing your RN.

RN vs LPN Salary - How Much More Can You Make as an RN?

RN vs LPN Salary   If you're an LPN seeking to advance your career, you may be thinking of getting an RN degree. With your years in the healthcare field, becoming an RN can be an exciting and fulfilling prospect for you, but how much is an RN degree really worth?

Continuing Your Nursing Education During COVID-19

Has COVID-19 put a halt on your plans to continue your education? With the on-going pandemic, you may be wondering how you will finish your nursing degree. Luckily, there are online learning options for people who want to continue their education remotely.

How to Become an RN If You're a CNA

Working as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is a great introduction to a career in health. But, if you're like many CNAs, your long-term goal is to become a Registered Nurse (RN). The good news is that the career outlook for RNs is brighter than ever. Employment growth for nurses is expected to r...

How to Make Your Nursing School Application Stand Out

The career outlook for nurses continues to be promising. In fact, employment for RNs is projected to rise by 16 percent through 2024, with 439,300 jobs added. Still, nursing programs are notoriously competitive to get into. You can expect rigorous admission standards at both the associate degree (AD...

What to expect out of nursing school clinicals

If you know anything about nursing school, you know it goes far beyond the classroom. As with any other program, you'll spend lots of time reading and listening to lectures, but what makes nursing school unique is the hands-on experience you get. Clinicals allows you to get real-life experience in t...

Want to Ace Every Exam in Your RN Program? Make Drug Cards

  Nursing school can be challenging. In fact, a 2018 study in the UK determined that more than 25% of nursing school students drop out entirely [1]. Why do so many students bail out on their nursing degrees? One big reason is that they feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of material they need to le...

Online RN programs: Why Achieve Test Prep may be the perfect choice

Laura Gonzalez felt stuck. A hard-working LPN with a decade's experience, she knew she had the skills and knowledge to do more—and with two kids at home, she wouldn't mind a higher salary, either. But every time Laura applied for a promotion, she got passed over. Instead, the job went to someone who...

8 Pros and 3 Cons of a Nursing Bridge Program

Are you a Licensed Nurse Practitioner (LPN) thinking about making the move to Registered Nurse (RN)? Or perhaps you're already an RN, but you've got your eye on a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree? Either way, we say go for it.

How to Get into Nursing School Despite Your Low GPA

Looking to upgrade your career? Demand for Registered Nurses (RNs) continues to grow as the Baby Boomer generation ages, adding patients to the network and removing retiring nurses from the workforce. In fact, according to recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Registered Nurse will be one...

Tips for the First Year Nursing Student

If you’ve just started nursing school, congratulations on taking the first step toward a rewarding career! It's an exciting time in your life, but the first year nursing student experience can be intimidating. What should you expect as a first year nursing student, and how can you succeed in nursing...

Avoid Test Anxiety with a TEAS Prep Course

You get to the test site and your mind goes blank. You freeze or can’t concentrate on the questions. You may even have a panic attack. You are having test anxiety, which can be a real health issue and lead to physical and emotional problems, as well as poor test scores. Most students face some anxie...

Video Explanation of Credit By Examination

Credit by Examination allows a student to get full college credit through standardized exams.  Credit by Examination saves students both time & money!

Read the Fine Print of your LPN to RN Program's Contract

Advancing in your medical career can be exciting and perhaps at times overwhelming. Don’t let emotions interfere with your ability to be thorough.  It is important to choose a program that gives you the most out of your tuition. At the same time you don’t want to fall into the category of profession...

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