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6 Tips to Get and Stay Motivated to Study

You’ve made the decision to work toward your degree and career goals! At first it’s so exciting that you can’t wait to jump in, but over time you may start to realize that it is getting harder and harder to sit down and do the work. The most important thing you should know is… you’re not alone!

10 Tips for Going Back to School as a Working Parent

Going back to school as a working parent can seem like an impossible dream. In fact, it’s easy to picture a college student as an 18-year-old living in a dorm, pulling all-nighters at the campus library. But the reality is 73% of students enrolled in college courses today are actually “non-tradition...

How to Reduce Stress & Balance Well-Being for Adult Learners

Beginning something new will always trigger a variety of emotions because change is not easy. Choosing to advance your education is no different. You may feel fear of the unknown and anxiety in wondering if you will succeed. You will also likely feel pride in working toward a goal, and excitement ab...

Declare Your Independence in Nursing Education

Education has always been linked to self-reliance and the ability to think, create, and contribute to society. From the founding of our country on July 4, 1776, Americans have celebrated the freedom to pursue their dreams and ambitions through education.

Is Nursing School Online Hard?

Nursing students looking for more convenient ways to earn a nursing degree are bound to explore online nursing schools. Learning from home is certainly appealing, especially for those who also work, but is nursing school online hard? There are several pros and cons of online nursing classes, so let'...

What is an RN Bridge Plan?

Looking for guidance on how to become a registered nurse? An RN bridge plan is a blueprint that shows how to get from point A to point B, mapping out all the classes you’ll need to earn your degree. Knowing how to plan for college makes all the steps along the way much easier, so let’s explore how c...

How Do I Get My Prerequisites for Nursing?

Are there prerequisites for nursing school? Yes, in order to earn your nursing degree, you’ll need to complete a series of prerequisite courses that build your learning foundation. But how do you get prerequisites for nursing, and how long do they take to complete? Discover time-saving secrets for f...

4 Myths About Finishing Your Degree

What's the one thing you're most likely to regret in life? If you could guess, you may think it would be the past relationships you had, opportunities you missed, or friends that you lost touch with over the years. While all of these are good guesses, the real answer may surprise you. According to t...

Continuing Your Nursing Education During COVID-19

Has COVID-19 put a halt on your plans to continue your education? With the on-going pandemic, you may be wondering how you will finish your nursing degree. Luckily, there are online learning options for people who want to continue their education remotely.

Keeping the Kids busy while you attend your online prep course

Keeping the Kids busy while you attend your online prep course A Class session is 3 hours long -- that is a long time to focus your attention away from the kids so important reminders include: we do take a 15 min break halfway through. You can use this to check on the kids, and refocus them onto a n...

3 Myths About Online Nursing Programs

If you're interested in advancing your nursing career by leveling up your certification, you've probably thought about taking classes online. There are several misconceptions about online nursing programs regarding how they work, what’s involved, and the overall benefits. Let’s clarify some common m...

Online RN programs: Why Achieve Test Prep may be the perfect choice

Laura Gonzalez felt stuck. A hard-working LPN with a decade's experience, she knew she had the skills and knowledge to do more—and with two kids at home, she wouldn't mind a higher salary, either. But every time Laura applied for a promotion, she got passed over. Instead, the job went to someone who...

LPN to RN Online Programs: Tips for Sorting Out the Good, Bad, & Ugly

Are you a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) thinking about taking the plunge and becoming a Registered Nurse (RN)? Go for it! Becoming an RN is a great career move. According to the US Department of Labor, RNs made an average of nearly $25,000 more per year than LPNs in 2017 [1] [2]. (Having more RNs a...

Video Explanation of Credit By Examination

Credit by Examination allows a student to get full college credit through standardized exams. Credit by Examination saves students both time & money!

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