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How Does Credit-by-Exam Work?

Pursuing a degree can be time-consuming and expensive, but what if there were a way to earn college credits without stepping foot in a classroom? Credit-by-Exam now makes it possible. Credit-by-Exam allows you to take exams on subjects covered in your program and earn college credits. With Credit-by...

The Complete Guide To At-Home CLEP Exams

You can now take your CLEP exam from the comfort of your home. How? Read the article below for more details.

What is Achieve Test Prep?

Many busy adults worry they don’t have the time, money, or ability to finish an RN degree. Kids, work, and other personal commitments often get in the way of higher education. Achieve Test Prep’s RN Bridge Program supports CNAs, LPNs, and other healthcare professionals looking to go back to school w...

What happens if I don't pass my CLEP exam?

Passing a CLEP test allows you to earn college credit for a variety of prerequisite courses, but what happens if you fail? Failing a CLEP means you’ll have to make another attempt, but how long do you have to wait to retake a CLEP test, and does a failed CLEP show up on a transcript? Learn all about...

Does Achieve Test Prep Work in My State?

Nursing is one of the most in-demand, fastest-growing careers and continues to have a positive job outlook through 2026. Whether you want to enjoy a higher salary, more job opportunities, and more freedom in the workplace, continuing your education is the best way to get the career you deserve. Our ...

Credit by Exam for BSN Programs:  Finish Faster with this 5-Step Roadmap

Whether you're a brand new nursing student or the proud holder of a two-year Associates Degree in Nursing (ADN—and congratulations, by the way) it's likely you've considered going after a four-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. Why? Because as great as an ADN is, once you get your BSN...

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