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Achieve Test Prep Review

Achieve Test Prep Review - Working Mom Prospers with Achieve after Struggling with Another Program

Danielle Heinemann, RN Hillsborough, NJ

LPN to RN student - Danielle Heinemann

"So I started with another program a while back, but doing the learning was really frustrating.  I paid a lot of money for it but it just didn’t work out.  They give you all this material but you have no idea what to study – no direction.  I studied really hard for my Excelsior exam – I spent weeks and weeks preparing and trying to do the program with them – but I just didn’t succeed.  I got a D on the first test and just gave up.  While I took a few classes at community college, it took me over 6 years to get serious about this.  That’s when I found Achieve.”

What She Liked About Achieve

“I am so happy I found Achieve’s LPN to RN Bridge.  In this program you have a teacher and other students in the class just like you.  All working and raising a family and trying to get their RN’s too.  I did my first 2 courses on campus in Wayne, NJ about 35 minutes from my home.  I really clicked with my teacher (Dina Francis).  She was so friendly and knowledgeable about everything we needed to know.   You have so many more resources and structure.   The teachers are also very motivating, and stay on you about learning the material and teaching what you needed to pass the exams.  I always took my exams about 3 weeks after the class ended and it worked.  I passed each of my exams on the first try and usually made an A or a B.”

The Virtual Online Classes Made Things Easier

“The virtual classes are fantastic too – if I missed a campus class because of work or family – I could just login and a watch the class online.  Eventually I got pregnant with my 2nd child and while I was on maternity leave I did the courses virtually while raising my toddler too.   Eventually I took a majority of my LPN to RN classes virtually.  The teacher’s were just great.  They would help you with any and everything.  Answer any question you had literally anytime of the day or night.  They really want you to succeed.”

Achieve’s CPNE Class Helped Ease Her Mind

The CPNE is tough, but taking the Achieve CPNE Prep class really helped.  They even got me a tutor to help me with Care Planning at No Extra Charge.   I passed on my first go round. 

Life’s Plans – Excited to Start Her Life as an RN

Danielle knew she wanted to be a nurse after working as an office assistant in a doctor’s office.  “All the patients coming in everyday I just knew I wanted to be a nurse, that’s why I got my LPN” Danielle said. “I am so excited I have earned my Associates Degree and I am an RN.  I have two little girls (a 4 year-old, and an 8 year-old) and a husband who is proud of me - the hard work has paid off.”  Danielle is excited to get started on the next phase of her career.  “There are just so many more opportunities for an RN vs an LPN in healthcare.  I am looking forward to making more money, possibly improving my hours and just seeing what better opportunities might come along for me and my family.” 

If you would like to speak with me about my experiences with Achieve please reach out – I am happy to talk to you about the program. Learn More about how Achieve can help you earn your RN.

This student is part of Achieve’s Ambassador program and was asked to give a summary of their actual experience while attending our program and was compensated for their time as part of Achieve Test Prep Reviews.

LPN to RN student - Danielle Heinemann

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