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RN Bridge Program Resource Library

Your One Stop for All the Accelerated Nursing Test-Out Program Resources You Need!

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Free Online Seminar

Attend a fun and informative 30-minute online nursing seminar and get the answers you need to decide on an RN Bridge program for yourself.

Financing Your BSN or RN
Download this free guide to learn about common payment options & items to address before you begin the financial aid process.

LPN to RN Bridge Pitfalls to Avoid

Download this free guide for the 3 most common pitfalls and how you can avoid them, increasing the chance of success in the program you choose.

Success Guide

5 steps to success: BSN program with credit-by-exam. In a BSN program, students can test out of courses and earn credits toward their degree.

Read Susan's LPN to RN Success Story

As a child, Susan N. knew she wanted to be a nurse. When she earned her LPN, she was well on her way to realizing the dream. Read Susan’s story…

Credit-By-Exam: How It Works

Introduction To Achieve Test Prep




Free Virtual Class

This 1.5 hour free virtual class is scheduled at various days and times to accommodate your schedule (including Sundays).

Salary Guide

Download this free guide to learn the average RN salaries state to state. Check out the average where you live and see which state pays the highest.

7 Must Haves for a Successful RN Bridge

Download this free guide to discover if you are eligible, clarify key personality traits for success, and get advice in choosing the right program for you.

Why a BSN Makes Sense

5 reasons to rethink your ASN plans. Find out how healthcare and nurses’ roles are changing… And what it all means for your degree plans.

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Achieve specializes in helping students earn their degree faster and for less money through credit-by-exam. We can create a personalized shortcut specific to you!

Benefits Of Credit-By-Examination

LPN To RN Or BSN Bridge Programs Via Credit-By-Exam

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