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Susan's LPN to RN Success Story

LPN to RN Student- Susan N.As a child, Susan N. knew she wanted to be a nurse. Years later, when she earned her LPN, she was well on her way to realizing the dream—earning not just a job, but a rewarding career. And just when healthcare’s shifting realities seemed to threaten that dream, Susan found the solution and mentorship she needed through Achieve Test Prep. Read Susan’s story… 


The Limitations of an LPN

Susan’s practical nursing skills soon helped her land a role in a nursing home, where she supported patients in need of physical rehabilitation.  But it wasn’t long before the limitations of her LPN started to surface. Susan’s employer adopted a strict policy of only hiring RNs for the facility’s more advanced roles—meaning a promotion would be impossible for Susan, even though she was well-qualified to do the work.  Worse, the nursing home began to phase out its LPN staff members. 

“It was getting scary,” Susan recalls. “I had applied for a position that would have been a step up. But not only did my supervisor tell me that since I didn’t have my RN I wouldn’t be considered, I was also hearing rumors of layoffs.  That’s when I called Achieve Test Prep.” 

Exploring LPN to RN Options with Achieve Test Prep

During her first appointment with Achieve, Susan discovered just how quickly she could accomplish her RN goal. The team at Achieve outlined her status: she needed course credit for five nursing classes and several general education classes. Based on her work schedule, she could complete these RN requirements in less than one year.  

Even more exciting, Susan was thrilled to hear she would receive quality instruction and personalized attention all along the way. “At Achieve Test Prep, I received both,” confirms Susan. “The program offers the perfect balance of flexibility and support—especially for healthcare professionals who are already working in the field.” 

Avoiding the Alternatives 

Prior to calling Achieve, Susan discussed her RN plans with friends and colleagues. Two of her coworkers, both LPNs, had recently tried an alternative RN preparation program.  They were initially attracted to the promises (“study at your own pace” and “enjoy the convenience of online classes”). But the lack of structure and attention proved to be ineffective. 

Both women expressed frustration with studying on their own. They were having trouble understanding the material, getting their questions answered, and most important: they weren’t passing the tests. Without live classes and real teachers, neither of Susan’s coworkers was able to earn her RN. 

“I knew I needed help all the way through,” Susan reflects. “With work and family, I knew I’d find it hard to commit myself to studying the material on my own.” 

Achieve and Success with Required Courses 

Once she started classes, one of the many factors Susan appreciated at Achieve was the excellent team—teachers and administrators who she calls “mentors.”

“When I attended my first class I met Dina Francis, Head of Education. She told us right away that if anyone needs help with anything, all we needed to do was ask,” Susan remembers.
“She told us it didn’t matter if it was during class or at another time. Help was always available.”

Susan attended classes at her local campus and also remotely, by accessing Achieve’s virtual courses. As planned, Susan passed all her required courses within one year. 

Clinical Exams and the NCLEX 

Still, as any future RN knows, preliminary coursework lays the groundwork for more pivotal moments—namely, clinical exams and the NCLEX. At Achieve, Susan found herself surrounded by students with a similar mindset; they were all nervous but determined. 

“I have to tell you, and I’m not exaggerating, not only are the teachers with Achieve all really good, they REALLY want you to pass,” Susan attests. 

As an example, Susan shared a story about preparing for her clinicals. She had started working night shifts and often went without sleep. Upon expressing her concern of attending classes after being awake all night, she said the staff did the unthinkable for her: they made their teaching schedule fit her needs. 

When exam time came, Susan surprised herself. “I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I’d be,” she said, crediting her lack of nerves to the instruction she received and the confidence that she was fully prepared. 

Becoming an RN 

Susan proudly became an RN last April, and though she’s still working at the same nursing home, she has received a promotion. “I can’t say exactly how much, but I got a raise.” 

When asked where she sees herself in a few years, she says it’s almost overwhelming to contemplate all the options. “I have so many choices now,” Susan confirms. 

“Looking back, I’m very happy I completed my work with Achieve Test Prep. It was the best career decision I could have made.  I also know in the future I’ll be very happy. With the help of Achieve I’ve finally fulfilled my dream, and I’m finally an RN."

"This student is part of Achieve’s Ambassador program and was asked to give a summary of their actual experience while attending our program and was compensated for their time. "

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