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LPN to RN Programs in
North Dakota, Fargo

Find Your Ideal Nursing Program… and Complete It Faster with Credit by Exam

We help North Dakota nurses begin RN Bridge Programs while saving both time and money, using credit by exam. Our test prep courses allow busy, working nurses and healthcare professionals, like you, to accelerate many types of nursing education such as LPN to RN programs in Fargo, as well as CNA to RN programs, and Paramedic to RN programs—effectively reducing your tuition bill and decreasing your graduation timeline by up to one year.

Learn more about how we can help you begin an RN Bridge Program today


Our Test Prep process can be used to support Nursing Bridge Programs including:

  • LPN to RN Programs
  • Paramedic to RN Programs
  • CNA to RN Programs
  • Accelerated RN Programs
  • Online RN Programs
  • RN to BSN Programs
  • LPN to BSN Programs
  • Paramedic to BSN Programs
  • Online BSN Programs
  • Accelerated BSN Programs

Our test prep courses can be used to earn credit in many of the prerequisite courses that are often required to earn a nursing degree. The key difference? Our courses can be completed in 4 or 5 weeks, instead of the typical 16. They also cost up to $765 less, on average.

Don’t take another step toward your nursing credential, without at least asking about credit by exam options. Connect with Achieve, and receive a personalized Bridge Plan based on your current and past educational achievements. This plan will be entirely unique and will outline the exact steps you need to take in order to achieve your goal.  

It’s time to achieve nursing education on your terms! We can help.  Request Information



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