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Job Placement Assistance Class

You Have Earned Your Degree, Now How Do You Find That Perfect Job?

"What if I am new to this field? What if I am re-entering the workforce? Am I too old?"

We will teach you how to successfully LOCATE, APPLY, and INTERVIEW for your dream job and GET IT!

The job search process is tricky, frustrating and sometimes downright humiliating and there’s a lot you probably don’t know. According to an article in Forbes, the average number of people that apply for any given job is 118, and only a very small number of the applicants get an interview.

Worse yet, many companies use software that automatically screens 50% of the applicants before anyone even sees your application or resume! At times it probably seems like 'Mission Impossible'. At the very least, the reality is the odds are stacked against you.


Introducing Achieve's JobKey

Our proven and proprietary JobKey® process helps you stand out no matter what your background or experience, so that you can get that dream job you've always wanted!

JobKey® is a training program that includes topics such as:

  • Why the resume isn't enough?
  • Understanding the interview process.
  • How to compete against applicants with more experience.
  • Practice your interview skills.

The LIVE Classes in the JobKey® Course will help you with:

  • Writing the perfect resume.
  • Who to email and how to write emails with impact.
  • Researching the job market.
  • How to ace the interview process.
  • Standing out in the interview.

This 8-Week course prepares you to find the perfect job in your field, to give you knowledge, skills, and a step-by-step plan that will dramatically improve your job search process, and help you find that job! Your instructor will stay with you beyond the 4 weeks if needed, coaching you until you succeed.

 Here you can find nurse jobs all around the USA


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