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Healthcare Degrees

100% Online - Instead of Taking College Courses, You Can Test-Out of Them!

Less Money, Less Hassle... Exact Same Accredited Degree

If you are looking for a career in Healthcare, a college degree will help you reach your maximum potential in earnings and position. But don't spend unnecessary time and money to get that degree. Our Credit-by-Examination Test-Out program offers a faster and affordable path to your accelerated degree. 

Employment in the Healthcare Industry is expected to grow by 22% through 2022, with an average salary of $88,580 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Achieve can help you earn that degree faster and easier! 

Haven’t picked a college yet? We will help you find the best-accredited school for your situation.

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How It Works


01 Evaluate

We’ll help you get maximum credit for your past courses or work experience and create a custom plan to finish your degree.


02 Test Prep

Our short and easy live, teacher-led online classes will prepare you to test-out of your selected classes.


03 Take Exam - Earn Credits

Take the exam at one of 1,900 testing centers. Arrive with confidence knowing Achieve students have a 93%* pass rate.

Accelerated Healthcare Degrees through Credit-by-Exam

  • Associates in Healthcare Administration
  • Bachelors in Healthcare Administration
  • Associates in Health Information Management
  • Bachelors in Health Information Management
  • Associates in Healthcare Management
  • Bachelors in Healthcare Management
  • Bachelors in Health Systems Management
  • Bachelors in Health Science
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Testing-Out is Faster and Cheaper than College

For example, you can test-out of some college courses with just 4 Achieve Test Prep sessions.

Each semester of a college course = meeting several times a week for 15 weeks and completing assignments, research projects, quizzes, and term papers. And you need to buy those expensive books!

For each test-prep class, you meet only once per week (on campus or online) and are preparing to pass just one exam and the condensed books are FREE.

The test-out exams are offered by organizations like CLEP®, DSST®, and UExcel® and are accepted in place of college courses by virtually all colleges and universities.

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What is Credit-by-Examination?

Instead of taking a boring semester-long course with all the busy work, you could get full credit for the same course by attending as few as 4 test-prep classes and taking ONE exam. Testing-out of classes can help you earn your degree faster and for less money than you thought possible.

Our Credit-by-Examination Test-Out Program is a test-prep curriculum for college students interested in fast-tracking their general education courses, so they can get to the core classes for their major faster. The program allows customers to achieve their degree in less time and for less money.

We’ll prepare you to pass just ONE exam and receive FULL credit for an entire college class. These are some other advantages:

  • --% pass rate*
  • Fully accredited
  • No busy work, quizzes, research or term papers, or group projects
  • LIVE instructors with 69 campus locations or live virtual online classes
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Why Should You Enroll with Achieve?

Achieve’s distinct credit-by-examination program makes achieving your degree fast and affordable. Our innovative fast-track program combines the effectiveness of real classroom learning with the speed of credit-by-examination.

Achieve is not a boring online self-study program. All of our classes are led LIVE by real instructors. Choose classes around your schedule with both on-site and online options available. We support you every step of the way and boast a customer success rate of about --%*.

Our program is designed to ensure your success!



"Achieve is the way to go, especially if you've had some past college credit experience and work experience. You don't need to take 2 years and spend $30,000 to go to school while still working and taking care of your families. Achieve is easier, less expensive, and faster than going to a traditional school"
– Lisa Brown – Galloway, New Jersey


"I worked 30+ hours a week and have two small children so I’ve found that this program and the way it’s set up, was a blessing for me. The staff and teachers were so supportive. With Achieve, I passed every exam the first time-usually with an A or B grade."
– Maryann Hendricks, RN – Pennsylvania


"The delivery of the virtual classes was great, and I could watch the virtual classes over again to make sure I really understood everything. I was able to pick and choose the most convenient approach - Live online or Live in-person. It allowed me to be in the driver’s seat on choosing my path. I am thrilled to share my experience."
– Julian Moreno – New Jersey

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