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The Credit-By-Examination Bridge Program


Getting Your Degree Faster Using Past Credits, CLEP Tests, and Other Exams

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Take a shorter path to graduation and still earn a degree from a reputable and accredited college or university.

The Achieve way involves taking fewer college courses, doing a lot less homework, quizzes, term papers, and research projects. Plus, it saves you a lot of money.

We make graduation easier by leveraging the credits and experience you already have and mapping out the maximum number of courses you can by-pass with testing-out.

If you have already found the best college - great - our program still works! But if not, researching to find the best school on your own would be a full-time job.  There are thousands of colleges from which to choose -- all with different policies regarding:

  1. Which past courses can be transferred in
  2. Which future courses can be tested-out of
  3. Tuition fees and other costs

And do you know, some colleges are way more accommodating about what they will give you credit for, or let you test-out of, than others.

That’s how Achieve saves you time and money, while you graduate faster.

Step 1: Evaluating Past College Credit and Professional Experience

If you wish to stay with your current college -- no problem -- we will skip the first two steps and just help you determine how many of your remaining courses that you can test-out of.

If you are open to finding the quickest college path to your degree, the first step is assessing which of your previously earned course credits will carry over. Some colleges are very generous about the credits they accept -- even accepting courses from 30 years ago!

If you have work experience or military experience, that’s good, some colleges give credit for that too.

At Achieve, we do extensive research to find the best fit for you. We’ll even track down your old college transcripts for you, if necessary.

Step 2: Selecting the Right College or University for You

Next, we interview you to figure out what’s important to you in a college, such as accreditation and reputation.

Then we prepare a Degree Planning Report for you to review your options by explaining the exact requirements for each college. We help you select the one that works best for you and provide you with a detailed road map of the shortest path to your degree.

Step 3: Testing For College Credit: A Whole Semester of Course Work in Just 4 Short Sessions

Our classes get you ready to test-out of every general education course it’s possible to test-out of.

What sounds more attractive – taking a full semester (15 weeks & 30 classes) of Developmental Psychology course work, or taking just 4 short test prep sessions?

Or how about taking two full semesters (30 weeks & 60 classes) of English Composition I & II course work, or taking just 8 short test prep sessions?

Achieve Test Prep sessions can be taken in our LIVE online virtual classroom, or at one of our 69 local campuses.


Virtual Online Class Option

The online class is taught live by the same qualified instructors but you can take it in the comfort of your home. You get to see the instructor, ask questions, and interact with the other students, just like being in a regular class. 

Passing Test-Out Exams

The test-out exams are offered by organizations like CLEP, DSST, and UExcel and are accepted in place of college courses by virtually all colleges and universities.

Supporting You Along the Way

Achieve 911, is our free emergency student support.

We don’t just prepare you to pass tests, we support you every step of the way to give you the absolute best chance of obtaining your degree quickly.

Any time you need extra help passing an exam, Achieve 911 kicks in at no extra charge. This could mean free class retakes, free refresher courses, or one-on-one tutoring from a teacher. You won’t get this level of personalized extra support with a standard college program.

Only Achieve offers you a shorter path, backed by an extensive support system, all designed to help you graduate sooner, rather than later.

Step 4: Taking Remaining College Courses

At the right time, you will need to start taking the remaining college courses at the college or university you selected.

College courses that can’t be tested-out of are usually taken after successfully testing-out of all possible courses, but can be done simultaneously if a student desires.

Step 5: Bragging

Now you’ve successfully completed all necessary requirements and you finally have your degree. It’s time to do some well-deserved bragging. Of course your friends and family will be impressed but your degree will also be your key to a better career and greater income. Congrats!

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