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Your Degree… Faster Cheaper Easier

Whether you are interested in a nursing bridge program or another degree, Achieve is the fastest route possible to graduation. Our students attend the college of their choice and we help them test-out of certain courses like prereqs. Not only does this get you there faster, preparing for and taking a proficiency exam is easier and less expensive than a full semester-long course.

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What is Your Current Situation?

Are you frustrated by your job, working conditions, pay rate, or lack of advancement opportunities? A college degree could change all that. The national average salary for someone with a college degree compared to a high school degree is about $24,000 a year. If you work another 22 years, that would be over a half a million dollars (pre-tax)! Think of what an additional $500K would do for you and your family:

  • Nicer Home?
  • More Travel?
  • Better Schools?
  • Better Retirement?

The traditional college path is time consuming, frustrating, & expensive! Especially if you are already working and have a family:

  • Courses are expensive
  • Books are very costly
  • Non-productive busywork - homework, papers, etc. - waste your valuable time
  • Colleges often require you to take unrelated and unhelpful courses

Credit-by-Exam Can Save Time and Money

Credit-By-Examination lets you test-out or "CLEP-out" of general education college courses like English, Sociology, or Math. For example, instead of taking a demanding semester-long course with all the busywork...you could get full credit for the same course by attending as few as four test prep classes and taking ONE exam.


Sounds great, right?

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But... There's Still a Problem

You see... while credit-by-examination has been around forever.

Have you ever tried to study to test out of a class on your own or tried to grind your way through some boring, canned, online program?

Frankly, it’s crazy hard trying to do it on your own…

  • It's hard to stay motivated
  • Takes extreme discipline
  • There's no structure
  • There's no one to guide you through the process
  • There's nothing to keep you accountable

That’s why so few people succeed with the DIY method.

Achieve Has a Better Way

We’ll prepare you to pass ONE exam and receive FULL credit for an entire semester-long college course! You'll learn what you need to know to pass the test and earn college credit.  You'll skip all the busy work and not waste time on stuff you'll never use.

Watch How It Works Video 

Advantages Include:

  • Earn your degree from a Fully Accredited college
  • No waiting list, classes start in as little as one week
  • Live virtual instructor-led online classes 
  • Classes meet just once a week
  • NO college quizzes, written assignments, term papers, or busy work with test out
  • Receive credit for past College Courses
  • --%* Pass Rate on exams
  • One condensed FREE ebook per class

We Won’t Let You Fail!

About --%* of our students pass their exams. That is a pretty large percentage, but what if you fall into the small percentage of students that struggle? Don’t fear... we have you covered through our exclusive Achieve 911 program.

Our specially trained Education Coaches will contact you and develop a personalized study plan just for you, designed to get you back on track to pass the exam on the next try.

The Achieve 911 program offers:

  • One-on-one tutoring
  • A short refresher course or a complete class retake

All at no extra cost!

Virtual Class Options

Our live online classes are unique in the industry and what we believe accounts for the impressive success of our students. They aren’t boring, canned online classes. They are taught LIVE, allowing you to interact with teachers and other students, all from the comfort of home. 

For most people, Achieve's virtual classes are the right blend of flexibility and accountability. You get the benefits of the flexibility of learning from home, but you also get the interaction with live teachers and other students. Because you are attending scheduled classes at set times, the completion rate is much higher than being left totally on your own.

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The Achieve Way

We are dedicated to creating a faster, more affordable path to college completion.

Achieve was founded in 2008, by Mark Olynyk, a Human Resources expert with over 25 years experience. Achieve has grown to a staff of over 200 people who are committed to your success. These include caring instructors with years of teaching experience and expert knowledge in their fields. This allows them to integrate the course content with real-life experiences to better prepare you for success.

Achieve made it possible for me to reach my goals faster and with less effort so that I had time for the important things.

Achieve made it possible for me to reach my goals faster and with less effort so that I had time for the important things.

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