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The Credit-By-Examination Bridge Program



Save Money on Your Child’s Degree Using Credit-By-Examination

Your son or daughter can earn the exact same degree – and pay far less from either the college or university of their choice, or at an accredited college or university that we can help them select.

Achieve helps bypass nonessential general education courses and allows students to focus on the courses that truly matter.

Step 1: Evaluating Past College Credit – If Any

If your child has prior college credit and is starting anew, the first step is assessing which of those previous courses will carry over to their new school.

The biggest variable here is, has the new college already been selected? Or, are you open to having Achieve find the college that offers the most affordable path?

If your child has any military experience, some colleges give credit for that too.

At Achieve, we do extensive research to find the best fit. We’ll even track down their old college transcripts if necessary.

Step 2: Helping You Select the Best College or University on Request

If you haven’t already selected a college, we interview you and your son or daughter to evaluate what you’re looking for in a college. Such as: accreditation, reputation, online vs campus based programs, advanced degree planning, and cost.

Next we cross reference over 350 accredited colleges and select the top four with the most efficient paths to their desired degree.

Then we prepare a Custom Degree Planning Report explaining the exact requirements for each college.

It details which courses can be tested-out of, and which ones need to be taken, together with all costs and any other important information.

Step 3: Testing For College Credit: A Whole Semester of Course Work in Just Four Short Sessions

Some college courses can be bypassed for a fraction of the cost, with just a few test prep sessions. For example, a full semester of Sociology can be eliminated by taking just four Achieve test prep sessions and passing one exam.

Achieve test prep classes get students ready to test-out of specific college courses by taking the appropriate CLEP®, DSST®, or UExcel® examination, accepted in place of college courses by most colleges and universities.


Achieve offers classes at our many campuses located across the country. Our live virtual online courses offer even more flexible scheduling options.

Virtual Online Class Option

Online classes are taught live by the same qualified instructors. Students get to see the instructor, ask questions and interact with the other students, just like being in a regular class.

Support Along the Way

Achieve 911, is our free emergency student support. Any time extra help passing an exam is needed, Achieve 911 kicks in at no extra charge.

This could mean free class retakes, free refresher courses, or one-on-one tutoring from a teacher. You won’t get this level of personalized extra support with a standard college program.

Only Achieve offers students a shorter path, backed by an extensive support system, all designed to help students graduate sooner, rather than later.

Step 4: Taking Remaining College Courses

When a student has successfully tested-out of as many courses as possible, they will start taking their remaining college courses at their selected college or university. Or, if desired, the student can start taking the college courses while taking the test-out courses.

Step 5: Landing That Job

Many graduates find that landing that first job in a new field brings a whole new set of challenges.

Achieve’s optional JobKey placement program can help by addressing two key areas.

One is what a graduate should be doing to land a job and how often they should be doing it. Too often people take a haphazard approach to the job search process. The JobKey program carefully manages job search activity, ensuring graduates treat their job search — as a job itself. Putting in 20 to 30 hours a week with a solid job search strategy gets graduates working much sooner than casually putting in few hours here and there.

The second key area we help students with is differentiating themselves during the application and interview process. With almost all jobs being posted via online job boards, it’s not usual to be up against a hundred or more applicants for any one job. While that probably seems daunting, it doesn’t have to be. We show our students how to can create an application that will stand out from the crowd.

Once students learn how to stand out, coupled with a managed job search strategy, their chances of landing a job improve enormously.

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