Complimentary Custom College
Credit Analysis


Achieve Test Prep specializes in helping students earn their degree/license faster and for less money. Regardless of whether you are seeking an ASN or BSN, we can create a personalized shortcut specific to you! 

The Achieve way means bypassing many of the courses that you would otherwise be required to take with a traditional college program. Say goodbye to excessive homework, written assignments, quizzes, clinical hours, term papers and research projects; and those expensive college tuition and book fees.

The first step is always the same, first we need to analyze what credit you can get for past courses, degrees, and professional experience.

For a limited time, we are offering for free our valuable Custom College Credit Analysis.  This analysis will:

  • Evaluate all previously earned college credits to determine which ones can be utilized toward your advanced degree, saving you hours of time and money requesting transcripts.
  • Evaluate professional experience to determine how much advance college credit you should be awarded.

Complete the form and someone will contact you shortly to arrange your free College Credit Analysis.


*Please note that our College Credit Analysis is different from our custom degree planning report.

Achieve Test Prep offers credit-by-examination prep programs that usually shorten the path to a degree; however, Achieve is not a college and does not issue college credit.