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Is It Worth Going Back to School as an Adult?

Adults going back to school have many factors to consider. While higher education can open the door to new career opportunities, college for adults who work may feel like a daunting endeavor. What are the pros and cons of adults returning to school, and can an adult do better in college? We’re break...

What is a Test Prep Course

Are you getting ready to take a college-level exam but worry about the outcome? Students looking to pass CLEP exams, admissions tests, or licensure exams can benefit from taking a test prep course: a class focused on helping you receive the best possible score. Are test prep courses worth it and sho...

4 Questions Adults Should Ask Before Going Back to School

Are you ready to go back to school? While there is a lot of value in finishing your degree, you may be wary about how fitting school into your busy life will work. Before you restart your education journey, it’s important to ask yourself some college readiness questions so you’ll have a better pictu...

Can You Test Out of College Courses

You can test out of college courses and get credit through a system called credit by exam, which allows students to earn the same credits by taking one proficiency test instead of an entire semester-long course. Not sure what counts as college credit or the difference between AP and credit by exam? ...

How Do CLEP Exams Work

CLEP exams allow students to earn college credits at an accelerated rate by testing out of general education courses. With one proficiency exam, students can demonstrate topic comprehension and skip taking the course altogether. Learn what CLEP tests are available, who accepts CLEP exams, and how to...

What is Credit by Examination?

Credit by examination enables students to earn college credit by taking a proficiency exam, rather than an entire semester-long course. This method often helps students finish college faster, which is one of the main benefits of credit by exam. Learn more about how it works and whether this option i...

How to Become a Dental Hygienist

The opportunities for dental hygienists have never been better. The growth rate for the dental hygienist field is much faster than the average growth rate for other occupations. Studies show that the demand for dental hygienists will climb to 20% by 2026, with 21,700 new dental hygienist jobs added ...

Keeping the Kids busy while you attend your online prep course

A Class session is 3 hours long -- that is a long time to focus your attention away from the kids so important reminders include:

5 Strategies to Succeed in College this New Year

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to return to college, or attend for the first time, and become one of the over 20 million projected to be enrolled in the coming year, we have some tips to help you ensure your college success. To prevent your resolution winding up like those of so many other...

Treat Studying Like a Job

It may not seem logical, but you actually have more time on your hands in college than you do in high school. High school is typically 8 hours a day, five days a week, for 40 hours of class. A typical college semester is only 12 to 16 hours a week of class.

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