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Achieve Review

Angie Finds Transition from Paramedic to RN Rewarding


Angie Frohoff, RN - St. Charles, Missouri

Angie-Frohoff-RN-ReviewMaking the Transition from Paramedic to RN was Logical

“I transitioned from Paramedic to RN mainly because I am getting older.  I had been a paramedic since high school and was in a very strenuous job as a medic/firefighter in a rural setting in Missouri. Now I am an RN in the Emergency Room, and I no longer have to work outside in the rain, snow, ice, freezing temperatures, or extremely hot temps.  I no longer have to go into homes not knowing what I may –encounter, such as a working meth lab or an out of control behavioral patient.” 

Working in an ER Still Gives her the Rush

“While I do miss being a first responder on a good trauma, I do get to keep up most of my skills in the Emergency Room, especially on the night shift.  I feel it was a good transition, and I definitely make more per hour now and have a much more controlled and safer environment to work in.”

Why Achieve Test Prep? 

“I was working full-time, and I just didn’t have time to go to a normal college.  I certainly couldn’t quit my job, but I still wanted to advance my career.  I knew some folks who had completed the Excelsior College program, so when I got a post card from Achieve Test Prep, I figured that was the easiest and quickest way to go about it.“

How Was Earning Your Degree with Achieve’s Help?

“Achieve is a great paramedic to RN bridge program!  I bridged from paramedic to RN in just 18 months. The Achieve instructors were excellent - both in the classroom and virtual.  Besides answering questions and helping during class time, each one also gave out their email addresses and would always answer email questions after hours if I emailed them.  My instructor in St. Louis (and the virtual instructors too) also did extra research on our class material to help with our studying. The instructors were very positive and supportive.  They always made you feel good about yourself when you passed your nursing exam.  I can’t imagine having done this any other way.  I only have positive comments about the staff at Achieve Test Prep.”

How Were the Live Virtual Classes Compared to Campus Classes?

“The virtual (online) classes were great because I could take the class from home. I really felt like I learned just as much as I did in the classroom, but it was way more convenient.  I took night classes, and I could see the instructor but of course no one could see me.  I would be sitting in my pajamas during the class and no one knew but me.  I passed all my exams on the first try and took all my tests immediately after the class was over. I think that is why I was able to move through the program fairly quickly.”

How was the CPNE having been a Paramedic rather than an LPN?

“I honestly feel like I was better prepared having been a paramedic.  As a paramedic, we are really autonomous and are responsible for the patient care in the field.  I had already done most of the clinical aspects expected in the back of the rig while driving down the highway.  Also, Achieve really does a good job of preparing you for what you need to know.  If you have confidence in your clinical skills, study well, and prepare for the care planning, you will be alright.” 

"I started in 2012, graduated in November of 2013, and have been working in an Emergency Room ever since. This is honestly the best move I ever made. I really love where I am and doing what I do every day.  Getting my RN is what allowed this to happen. I have and will continue to recommend this program to anyone who wants to bridge from Paramedic to RN."

This student is part of Achieve’s Ambassador program and was asked to give a summary of their actual experience while attending our program and was compensated for their time.

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