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Achieve Review

Working Mom uses Achieve Test Prep's LPN to RN Bridge Program to Become First in Family with a College Degree

Rut Arroyo West New York, New Jersey

LPN to RN Bridge Program student - Rutt Arroyo

For this working mom with a baby, Achieve was the only way she was going to get her RN and become the first in her family to earn a college degree.  “I already performed well as an LPN. I had experience, and I just needed a higher degree to be considered for better job opportunities that are typically offered to Registered Nurses and not to Licensed Practical Nurses,” Rut said.   “I knew if I progressed in life, expanded my experience, and earned my RN, my family would also benefit from it.” 

Starting with TCN, Then Excelsior Direct Didn’t Work 

So Rut started her Excelsior experience by signing up with The College Network and admitted that was a mistake. “I decided to purchase material offered by The College Network. Once I received my first study guide, I saw that the information was very hard to understand,” Rut said. “Plus I had absolutely no tutorship, so it was hard to stay on task.  I got disappointed, months went by, and I never even attempted to take not even one exam of the fifteen I needed and had paid for.”

After her disappointment with TCN, she decided to try testing out of the Excelsior College courses on her own.  “I tried to purchase the books listed by Excelsior to pass the exam, and I was faced with hundreds and hundreds of pages to study,” Rut admitted.  “I had no direction and no idea what I was supposed to study or what was important to pass the exams.” 

Achieve Provides the Right Way 

Rut was determined to become an RN and wanted to do it by testing out of Excelsior College’s courses.  “After doing extensive online research, I found Achieve Test Prep,” Rut said.  “They have a free online course you can take to try things out. I took it and loved it!  The bottom line is I needed condensed study material and guidance to help me with the program and that’s what I found with Achieve."

Easy to understand study material, virtual once a week classes in the comfort of my home, and live teachers and tutors to help you understand the material.  Along with a free condensed ebook they provided me, they also supplied plenty of extra material such as power points and their newest tool - the online Moodle.  There you'll find an awesome way to review your knowledge and identify your weak areas. ATP also offers a work-study program to help offset the cost of their tuition which is helpful." 

The Teachers Really Care 

“I love the fact that the instructors at Achieve know what is needed to do well on the exams and understand our concerns not only as students but also as nursing colleagues.  Most of my teachers are BSNs or MSNs. They not only provided you with what you need to pass the tests, but they offered extra material to help you become a better nurse.   It’s really the best of both worlds -- online convenience but with an actual teacher who cares about how well you do.  The program helped me pass EVERY exam I attempted to take on the FIRST try.  After starting with zero college credits, I earned over 60 college credits using Achieve and have graduated with my Associates in Nursing.  I am living proof this program works.” 

Achieve’s LPN to RN Bridge Program Allowed Her to Take Time Off  

“One reason why I didn't finish sooner is because at times life gets in the way.   I got pregnant with my first child and had some difficulties. I was not active and had to be away from my studies for close to 12 months. But that's the beauty of this program. It allows for "life to happen" and then move on.  What normal program would allow you to put your studies on hold for a year?  Now, thanks to Achieve - I have passed my CPNE, graduated with my RN Degree, and passed the NCLEX to become an RN.  I even have a new job making more than double the money!  I am not sure I could have done this without Achieve."   

This customer is part of Achieve’s Ambassador program and was asked to give a summary of their actual experience while attending our program and was compensated for their time. 


LPN to RN Bridge Program student - Rutt Arroyo

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