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6 Pros and Cons of LPN to BSN Online Programs


The U.S. is facing an enormous shortage of nursing professionals. Not surprisingly then, one quarter of LPNs are heading back to school to earn RN certification. Still, there are challenges that discourage some LPNs from completing an advanced degree or a BSN in nursing.

Exciting Nursing Opportunities & RN Programs in Texas

Rn Programs in Texas

Nursing continues to be one of the fastest-growing career fields in the country[i]. While other industries have seen a decline in employment rates, nursing is experiencing a reverse trend. 

3 Reasons Accelerated RN Programs Are Gaining Popularity

3 reasons for accelerated rn programs

Accelerated RN programs are hugely popular right now. Over the last 15 years, the number of accelerated BSN programs has grown 700% (according to stats from the AACN). Students want more of them. Employers want more of them. And industry groups agree they offer a much needed alternative to traditional nursing school.

Future Nursing Students Gain Confidence With Success Guide


Curious to know if you have what it takes to effectively complete an RN Bridge or accelerated BSN Program? You aren't alone. Many medical professionals out there think about advancing their degree and education, but life, time and self-doubt can all get in the way. We know this because we speak to many of you on a regular basis. In an effort to relieve some of this doubt, we've created a guide to success, so you can see for yourself if this path makes sense for you.

3 Tips for Researching Accelerated Nursing Programs

accelerated nursing programs

Are you thinking of becoming a registered nurse? Are you curious about accelerated nursing programs? Lots of recent grads and career changers are saying yes to both—and with good reason. In contrast to traditional, 4-year BSN programs, accelerated nursing programs can help students earn their BSN in just one or two years (depending on enrollment status, pre-requisites completed, and other case specifics).

3 Reasons Why Accelerated BSN Programs Make Sense

accelerated BSN Program

Whether you’re brand new to the job market, or a seasoned professional who’s looking to reinvent her career, nursing is a smart—and exciting!—option. For high school graduates, there are many different ways to pursue nursing. Ditto for those who already have some healthcare-related credits and experience.  

5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Nursing Programs

Love Nursing Programs

You already know that earning your RN or BSN could improve your career prospects. But have you thought about how nursing programs—and the opportunities they provide—might affect your love life?

A Day in the Life of a Working Adult Nursing Student

nursing student

Do you have what it takes to be a great nursing student?

Trends in RN Programs for 2014

Trends in RN Programs

Which trends will stand out this year for students in RN programs? See what the experts are saying… And learn why some of 2014’s biggest trends are already part of our offerings at ATP.


New BSN & RN Bridge Programs in CT, TX, and NC

ATP RN Campus Locations

Good nursing bridge programs aren’t hard to find, but they can be difficult to access—especially in some of the country’s most competitive regions. And that’s a big challenge for new and aspiring RNs, since we know that most early career nurses will work close to where they studied. 

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