Benefits Of Our RN & BSN Bridge Programs

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Our RN & BSN bridge programs can help you reach your goals quickly!

Achieve Test Prep prepares you for credit-by-examination

You'll learn the content you need to pass exams and earn full college credit, upon successfully passing these exams. You'll also get tips that will improve your study skills, along with special techniques that will improve your ability to take and pass exams.

Designed to ensure your success

Worried you will not pass the exams? Students at Achieve Test Prep have no worries. Your success is our number one priority. If by chance you do fail an exam, we have a special test remediation program, called ACHIEVE 911, which ensures your success and costs nothing. Through this program, we provide individualized attention and additional resources until you pass. At Achieve Test Prep, no student is left behind. That's why our students pass their exams with an average success rate of 94%*!

You'll be on your way to new employment opportunities and increased income

A BSN or RN instantly opens up many new employment opportunities and increases your earning power, so you'll be able to establish a better life for yourself and your family. Essentially, any money you invest into becoming a BSN or RN will come back to you many times over.

Choose our location-based or virtual classes

Achieve Test Prep offers classes at one of our many locations. The classes are taught by highly qualified RN instructors. So, if you're looking for a traditional classroom environment with the speed and savings of credit-by-examination, Achieve Test Prep is the ideal answer.

Online RN Programs accessible from anywhere

If one of our locations is not near you or if you simply prefer distance learning, you can take the same online BSN program over the Internet. Since you're still attending a live class with an instructor, you'll find the experience virtually the same as attending a regular class. You can see the instructor, ask questions and interact with the other students.

Convenient once a week classes and flexible schedules

Our classes meet once a week and each session is 4-hours long. The classes vary in length from 4 to 10 weeks, so there's plenty of time for the instructor to give you the knowledge and skills you need to take and pass your exam.

Our flexible schedule allows you to choose between day, night and weekend classes, so you can work towards your BSN or RN, easily fitting into your schedule, no matter how busy and demanding it is.

Start classes in as little as two weeks

You can sign up for our classes and attend you first class toward earning your BSN or RN in as little as two weeks. There's no waiting list!

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Thanks to Achieve Test Prep's approach, you can bridge to your BSN or RN in a way that works with your schedule and your budget.

*Exam pass rates are taken periodically from a consecutive batch of current students. As with all statistics, the number can vary over time. To learn more about our pass-rate statistics, we invite you to contact us.