Accelerated Nursing Programs via Credit-by-Exam

Achieve Test Prep is devoted to helping medical professionals advance their careers by becoming RNs and BSNs. Through credit-by-examination, Achieve offers accelerated nursing programs to more efficiently achieve your RN or BSN. 

Achieve Test Prep's Mission: To provide educational consulting services that will help it’s customers achieve their degree goals in an accelerated manner while saving a significant amount of money and effort.

Achieve Test Prep's Philosophy: Achieve Test Prep is focused on obtaining your degree in the most efficient manner possible.  We understand as busy working adults convenience and support is paramount.  By supporting online RN programs, online BSN programs, as well as offering on-site classes, we make scheduling easier.  We also support our students in every manner possible. Our student help program, Achieve 911, helps struggling students pass their exams. Furthermore, unlike our competitors, we require no long term contracts, have no waiting list, and offer a reasonable refund policy.

Who's Behind Achieve Test Prep?

Human Resources Expert, Mark Olynyk has had a long tenure working in education organizations over the last 25 years. As President of Achieve Test Prep, he believes instructors are paramount to student's success.  Therefore, he ensures RN's teach his students to become RN's, whether studying online or on-site.

Director of Education Dina Rizzuto-Francis, RN, BSN is head of instruction as well as student advisor.  She has over 18 years of clinical Nursing experience and has been involved with Achieve Test Prep for almost four years. Due to her extensive experience, Dina is very familiar with the information that our students need to know to be successful in the field of Nursing. She is dedicated to enhancing our student services and providing valuable learning tools for those enrolled. One of her areas of expertise is in student motivation. She enjoys influencing students to study hard and get excited about the new opportunities that will become available to them as RN's. Dina is very devoted to her student's success!