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Achieve Test Prep helps you earn your RN or

Degree in an accelerated manner, saving you time and money.

You can get started in as little as two weeks. 

We offer a fast-track program that combines the effectiveness of real classroom learning with the speed of credit-by- examination. If you are not located near one of our many campuses, you can join our virtual classroom. You’ll be studying with the same great instructors – live!



Achieve Test Prep is not one of those online self-study programs that sends you books and expects you to learn everything on your own. It’s a recognized, but streamlined way for you to achieve your RN or BSN with the help of expert teachers.

Credit-by-Examination, Explained

Instead of taking semester long courses, Achieve Test Prep enables you to get full credit for college courses through standardized exams. It’s an innovative program known as credit-by-examination. When you pass the test for any course, you get the same credit you would if you passed it after attending the college course.

You earn your ASN or BSN degree from an accredited college

Just pass the standardized tests and your clinical exam – and you’ll have your ASN or BSN degree. The degree you earn is from an accredited college.

About 93%-95% of our students pass their exams*

We teach our students how to pass the standardized exams and their clinical exam. What accounts for the high rate of success of our students? Our expert instructors specialize in teaching students who are studying for their ASN or BSN how to pass the examinations.

Why choose us

Achieve Test Prep is very different from the self-study programs that lock you into a contract you can’t get out of, even if the program isn’t working for you.

We do not lock you into a long-term contract. With us, you can take as many or as few courses as you like.

* *Exam pass rates are taken periodically from a consecutive batch of current students. As with all statistics, the number can vary over time. To learn more about our pass rate statistics, we invite you to contact us. Achieve Test Prep is not a college and does not issue any degrees.

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To Become a RN or BSN the Achieve Way:
  1. Live classes taught by qualified RN instructors
  2. You get a degree from an accredited college
  3. About 94% of our students pass the exams*
  4. You achieve your RN or BSN faster, saving you time and money
  5. You can attend classes at local campuses or in a virtual classroom
  6. You’ll have individualized support from instructors every step of the way
  7. No long-term contract is required
  8. We have a withdrawl policy
  9. There’s no waiting list. You can get started now.
  10. You can increase your job security and career opportunities.

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